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My Objective

  • Born 1984, in none other than my home state of south america, i was the only child to my indian/south american mother and asian father. Naturally i was the apple of my devoted parents eyes. My family was very close knit until i turned five and my parents decided to divorce.
    Nonetheless, i was raised in Florida/Miami with the very best.
    Being a mixture of both indian/south american mother and asian father wasn't a problem for me growing up, i got along particularly well.
    Ppl were drawn to me because i had always been very stylish and delight to be around.
    My first styling experience came about by accident. I was at my bestfriends friend Bday bash where i met the famous dutch stylist ''G.F.''.
    and right then and there i was asked to style the front cover of most popular 'Talkies Magazine'.
    That was the first time i remember getting credit for my work.
    I finished high school with every intention to go on to a University, however a new career as styling artist for the hip hop/movie celebrities community came suddenly. Like many successful ppl in the music biz i saw that a career was happening ''RIGHT NOW''! Only a fool would pass on it, and i went head first into the styling business at the age of 19.
    It wasn't easy being so young and styling up and coming celebrities. It was especially difficult to find clothes for artist/celebrities to wear. Designers like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior and the other fashion power houses were not falling over backwards to lend their precious clothes to the up and coming artists/celebrities.It was even more unheard of that the individual who was asking to borrow the clothes was not famous at all and only 19 years.
    After 2 years of styling i realized that the intelligent business move to make was to coin my own piece out of the fashion industry. Now im planning to start my own Enterprise, my own design house where i could style all my favorite friends/artists/celebrities with the help of my team. In my opinion, the reason that my company will be a succes is that i have the ability to think outside the box, i made massive moves by trying my hands at styling a motion picture.
    I dont make a major announcement when i take on a new venture. So many of you and even i most likely never know what project i'm working on at any given time. I dont have a publicist because im not in this industry to become a celebrity. Im here because i love to style and because of that i let my work speak for me.
    Im not caught up in this industry. I won't give you a list of celebrities i have met or spoke to unless you ask for a list of my clients, and i won't tell you whose house i visited just to feel important.

  • Photo by Kartini van Aalst

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