James Blake || Retrograde

I was just in the car on my way home and then I heard this song on the radio. Immediately I had to know who this is. Honestly I thought it was a black guy singing until I googled the song and to my surprise the guy was white. Not to be disrespectful  or anything, but I just expected that.  Anyway who cares, just listen it is Great!


Give me some Sun please!

Some people are probably on their way for a ski holiday and it got me thinking about summer holiday. Cause boy oh boy, I am soooo done with the cold now. Rain, snow, cold days, warm days or days when it's really cold, but the sun shines so bright that it makes you hungry for the summer days. Sometimes I don't even know anymore what to wear. And at the moment stores are filling up their racks with the new spring/summer collection that you just want to buy everything to look fresh and hot again. Cause honestly I feel always stupid when I'm dressed up, but I'm so f*cked up cold because I just want to look great and meanwhile I am shivering as if I'm butt naked in the snow.
Also I was thinking about where to spend the holidays this summer. Last year I went to Finland, which was great, but unfortunately we didn't had much time left cause we were moving to a different city. So hopefully this time we can have a real summer holiday. Anyone any ideas???

Love, Love, Love.......

I hope everybody had a great V-day! I sure did!
Love.....be Love, let yourself be Loved and the world shines brighter!


I Adore....

- " I enjoy the speed of Fashion. I love doing different things and I think I still have some valid to say in fashion. " -

Tom Ford

JT || Suit & Tie

Just love this song and had to blog this. 


L'enfant Terrible

I'm so proud to post this blog! I think most people are addicted to shoes. And it can be any kind of shoe, but I have never seen anyone be addicted to high heels like her and also have an eye to purchase to most amazing, unique high heels. If you could take a sneak peak of her shoe collection, you would die for it! 
Therefore not surprising that my friend Sule Orhan started her own shoe collection called L'enfant Terrible. It looks amazing!! On the website www.l-enfantterrible.com you can see the upcoming collection. The web shop is opened this month, so you definitely should check it out and buy your own pair. 
I am sooo proud of her that she took this step. For sure it's going to be big and I truly hope the best for her with this new brand on the market. You go girl!