Beats in the making!
Ok...let me explain what the video is about....This dude, which is actually the little brother of my brother...still follow it? Anyway..FAM'LAY!!!!!!
Garrincha was only 5 years old when he started to play drums and now he's making beats, just like our older brother Geronimo, who happens to be a producer as well! And in this video he's the beatmaker of the week at 101 Barz...so just listen!


Moet & Chandon

Scarlett Johansson is the new muse for the champagne brand Moet & Chandon. So to celebrate it they threw a party for her in London.

Dearest readers!
Sorry that we haven't updated our blog lately, BUT there are some stuff in the making! So keep on checking us out. You won't regret...we promise!
And BIG up for you readers for keepin the blog alive!!!!

Pharrell Singing for a


I wonder if he got one....? Hahahah


We gon rock we gon roll. We gon set this party on fire
Gran Turismo S Automatic
Even though I love bikes...I still keep an eye on the cars. And boy oh boy...what a ride is this one!

Available this summer....so if you have the goods...buy yourself one!


JUICE! March 19.
Wanna be our guest?
DressCode: NONE. Just Dress the way u feel comfortable in

p.s. email or text us to get on the list or just say


at the door at our events for VIP treatment!

** Call or text -- +31625302560**
EMAIL: mitchell@sappig.nl

Dont be shy, you can contact us with any questions or comments you might have! Parties are 18+ and are very strict. If you have any problems with ID, please let us know in advance and we'll try to work something out. We want everyone to have a good time!

Jim A. Invites You..!

to be a guest at Juice.

club home

Electrik Red


Adidas House Party
Celebrate Originality


BitterzoetLong long time ago.....that I was at Bitterzoet, but always nice to hear some good Hip Hop music....but they even played The Beatles! Hhahaha :p


Bond NO. 9 presents
Astor Place
Inspired by New York's vibrant arts-and-style intersection. The flacon echoes the angels and cubes from the Rosenthal Sculpture, the famous marker of the neighborhood. The scent can be compared with Downtown meets Uptown, a seductive scent fresh floral.
So another nice fragrance to add to your favo list!
With Momma's day coming up there's also a limited edtion Swarovski bottle. So isn't that a lovely present to give to your Momma!


American Icons
Glamour April edition
Hayden Panettiere as Amelia Earheart

Paula Patton as Billie Holiday

Alexis Bledel as Rosie the Riveter

Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama

Girls night out!
It was a very long time ago, that I had a girls night out. Maybe also because of the fact that my girlie friends and I are not the most typical girlie girls around. But we had a great time....started with a drink at Suzy Wong, then a drink and a dance at Jimmy Woo, but we ended our night at De Duivel which ended with this ol school song from Jodeci!
Aaahhh...LOVED it!


Kick off Party!!!!
Finally the party has arrived....and seriously it could
Before 12 the 1st floor was already packed! And before you knew it the whole place! We had such an amazing time. I am so proud of my partner in crime, Mitchell, he did everything himself and it was off the hook! So up to many more good LOL nights!

DJ Fanny West

MC Bizzey

"A Kinder Surpise makes everybody happy...at any age"
DJ Phalerieau, MC Ruben, DJ Issy

Valerio still happy with his egg

Surprise surprise!!!!

Can you tell the difference between these pictures?

DJ Phalerieau, DJ Nizzle

MC Marboo