Bumped into some nice signs again. This time at Barcelona


There was always one thing I really wanted to see if I would ever go to Barcelona and that's Park G├╝ell. Work of Gaudi has fascinated me since High school. Finally got the chance to see it. Amazing art work and creativity to build the park like that. It is interesting to see how those colored stones can have so much impact.
We walked all the way up the mountain and when you get there....... Wow! What an amazing view! Then I realized that Holland is really flat! Haha


Feliz Navidad from Barcelona!

Xmas has arrived and we were off to Barcelona to celebrate the holidays. I was really excited to go, finally celebrate the holidays outside of Holland.

We had a great spanish dinner at some family members of my boyfriend. It was delicious and a nice experience. Fun fun fun till late in the evening.
Hope you also have a great Xmas and make the best of it wherever you are!


X-Mas & NYE

Have a 

LOVELY, warm




A Crazy

FUN, Amazing 


Karl Fazer

I'm addicted to chocolate. And chocolate can be made in so many ways and mixed with different ingredients.  So when I went to Finland and got introduced with Karl Fazer, I found myself in chocolate heaven. My favorite from Fazer is the Geisha bar. It's mixed with hazelnut pieces and it's now also available in dark chocolate. Fazer makes so many different flavors and for everyone there is something. I'm fortunate that every time we go up and down or if we have people visiting from Finland, I can taste the delicious chocolate. Curious? 

The End, XOXO Gossip Girl

The first time I saw this tv show, I was immediately sold. The schemes, lies, betrayals, love, respect, friendship they had for each other was fun to watch every week. And of course the big question was always, who is Gossip Girl?! 'She' knew everything about everyone and make them look bad whenever was possible. And who would have thought that all this time it was a boy, in this case, Lonely Boy. Yessss Mr. Dan Humphry was the brain behind all of this and had a plan all along. 
But everything has to come to an end, so up to check some new tv shows.



Paris......Je t'adore

Aaahhh Paris! The city I adore so much!
Couple of weeks ago, my friend invited me to celebrate her B-day in Paris. What a great time we had!. Clubbin' at L'Arc, lunch at Hotel Costes, watching the game PSG - Evian and as a tradition dinner at an Italian restaurant. We laughed, made jokes, had good conversations, we just enjoyed every minute of it.
Can't wait to visit her soon again. 



The first time I met this wonderful city was last summer. Never been to Finland before, but I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful country. Been a couple of times in Helsinki, also cause my boyfriend is Finnish, so there my love for the Finnish landscape. The summer was already great, but look at that picture, what a winter wonderland in Helsinki. How can you not fall in love?



December is the time of year when people start to think about how the year passed by and the harts they love. With Christmas and New Years Eve on the outlook, we start to make plans on how we can spend it in the most fantastic way. Some will pack their bags and spend it on a beautiful island, some will simply celebrate it with family and friends as a tradition. It's about the moment you take to be deeply grateful and appreciate what life has given to you, instead of being unhappy about the things you don't have. Along with the action of solidarity, giving presents can be a part of it. What is a great gift for these circumstances? Cause it's not someone's Birthday, it is a gift of gratitude. And do people see it that way? I don't know, or maybe some are just greedy for getting something. How much money will you spend or is it just going to be something small and cheap, cause it's about the thought that counts right? 
As a kid, December was the perfect month for me. It represented the month of gifts. First my Birthday came up, then Sinterklaas ( a dutch holiday ) and the big finale, Christmas. So almost throughout the month I got gifts. Spoiled by my parents and family. Got the weirdest things on those special days, things I didn't needed at all. 
So to go back on what is a great gift for someone? First of all I think it's always about the thought that counts and if it's also something that the person really wanted and or needed, maybe then it is perfect. And for the saints among us, being present is already the greatest gift they can give.

Good luck with shopping!



Happy Birthday to.......

What a lovely B-day weekend, I enjoyed every bit of it. It was simple, loving and enjoyable to the last second. When my love picked up the cake and we opened the box, we discovered the cake was way to big for us alone to eat. That meant, cake every day for dessert, pffff no wonder December is the month of gaining weight and this is just the beginning of it. 
Saturday night we were supposed to have some drinks at Dusseldorf, but it started to snow and it was really cold, so we decided to toast at home where it was nice and warm. Cozy with the candles and great food. 
Every birthday I always think back at the past year about what has happened. The good, the bad and the changes in life/as a person. My life turned a 180, nothing is the same. One year ago I said to myself I need a change in my life. I was tired of the life I was leading in Amsterdam. Not that I necessarily had to move away from Amsterdam, hahahha, but change was the keyword and what do you know, it happened immediately. The mind is a powerful thing. And during this new adventure you also discover who your true friends are, what you mean to them and how far they will go to maintain the friendship. This last year was full of challenges on every area of life. It was hard sometimes, but I have overcome all of it.
Looking forward to the next years, no idea where I'm living then or what I am doing. 
But like always Carpe Diem!