SFFRMKRS || Mr. Roy Berkenhamer

Ok.....this interview was waiting for weeks in my mailbox....and even now when I'm trying to put it online...pffffff is a lot of work, my laptop just simply refuses to cooperate. But anyway I'm not here to tell you about my not so coooperative laptop, but about SFFRMKRS!!!!

As you all may now....I the Ki from Ki-Mi. like to wright about stuff that happens here in my city, country etc...Because Amsterdam simply Rocks!!!! Plus I like to give some big ups to peeps that I know that accomplished nice things....So all of that brings us to this small interview with Mr. Roy Berkenhamer, creator of SFFRMKRS!

Mr. Roy Berkenhamer

THNWSHT:I'm not gonna ask how you slept last night, because for a fact I know you were at the Jimmy Woo…did you enjoyed yourself? What were you wearing?
SFFRMKRS: Ey, Thursday Jimmy Woo is always enjoying, chill vibes with Manga & others.....what I was wearing?.....cant remember must be a t-shirt, jeans ( definitely ACNE haha) Sneakers & maybe the new Era ;)

Is Grandmaster Woo also an event from SFFRMKRS?
Grandmaster Woo is an event from DJ Manga and SFFRMKRS is involved. We believe in the party and Manga is one of the SFFRMKRS family so it's joining and combining forces to create something hot.

Tell me what is SFFRMKRS all about?
SFFRMKRS (stands for mood makers) is Deejay Cream and myself. We want to change the game and just bring parties that we like, quality music, creative people, nice atmosphere. SFFRMKRS is much more than throwing parties, DJ bookings, collaborations with other organisations & peeps ( Leyp, SjocoSjon, Turk, and much more ). We got our own clothingline we started like 6 years ago, every party a different T. Now we are selling them on Freshcotton.com & Spoor19.nl. People are asking, that's the reason we are selling them now and the shirts are selling big time!!

Ok so big up to that then! Why did you started this company? And what were your intentions?
We started in Alphen a/d Rijn (20min from Amsterdam) 6 years ago, because we grew up there and there was nothing to do for the youth! It was to enjoy ourselves, gave some love to the peeps.

Did you always wanted to do this…..do you have another job or this is it?
It was ment to be I think, now I know for sure we will continue this....from a hobby to a serious thing. Besides SFFRMKRS I still work fulltime, so there is not a lot of sparetime..but it stills give me energy.

How many parties do have now and which one makes you proud?
Pffff...in Alphen a/d Rijn we have 4 parties, HEERLIJK/DANS/POHPIH/WOOFFER. In Amsterdam we do SFFEERVOL in the Bitterzoet (every 2nd and 4th sunday of the month), every thursday Grandmaster Woo at Jimmy Woo, from 15th of October we will do "Ride tha Pumani" at Suzy Wong a new party every wednesday wich give young and upcoming DJ's/Designers an opportunity to show themselves. KWIJT every month at Odeon.
Wich one makes me most proud? Cant choose....for now probably SFFEERVOL because we are working ver hard to make it a success.

Yes even I was shot by SFFRMKRS

I know you're parties from Amsterdam, but you're not only here right? And tell me why those others city's?
What I told you already, don’t forget your hometown right? And other city's are coming, there is more than Amsterdam...

What is the worst thing you ever experienced with your parties, as in no DJ for the night, or no sound…..anything?
Hahaaha Pff dont know, it's all about preperation...so no huge fiascos at our parties...

Well good for you hahaha! How does your perfect party look like, location, crowd, DJ's, decoration etc…tell me
I will not tell you what the prefect party looks like, because we are working on it :P....the best party is where everybody is smiling, enjoying themselves...its all about giving the peeps a good time.

What do you want to achieve with SFFRMKRS…..go around the world with it?

Take over the world......SFFRMKRS; Boss of the world......future is in the making!

SFFRMKRS.nl is different then other ones, how come?
What you mean with different? We put stuff online that we like, that we dig, we give love to people who love us. We support youngsters.....Most sites copy shit from each other, we like to put information online right from the source...
Its not Hip Hop only there is more in the world.



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You are cordially invited to Mr. Gray's Sweet sumthin sumthin.....!

For real, there should have been a camera to tape it all! There was drama, LOL, alchohol, getting the wrong present, the right DJ's, friends and last but not least...a hotel. The first drama was that the VIP deck was not how it suppose to be, but eventually everything was fine! The second drama was that I..yes me.. almost didn't make it to the party, because it was held in Eindhoven, definitely NOT the city we're living in, but miles away, but luckily I arrived! The third was, that I still had his present. I bought shoes and he was going to wear them that night. So when I arrived....and gave it to him...it was the WRONG one!!!!!!! Oh oh oh oh .....gosh...! Ok so now it was'nt just only drama....we had sooo much fun with all of his friends! And there was free alcohol!!!! Then you know how everything can get. Hihihi! He picked out the DJ's because as you may know he works for Sappig ProductionS and it was their party...so 1+1= PARTYHARDY!!!!!Anyway......all that LOL ended at a hotel we stayed in, because we were such a wreck! So to give you a taste of that night....here you go...the PICTURES!

So my dearest friend....

Hope you had a wonderfull time! I wish you all the best of everything in life!

-XOXO- You know I love you



Life is a Festival by DJ Don Diablo

Don Diablo is one HOT dutch DJ according to the girls/magazines etc....and it was proved on his album release party last thursday. After 4 years he brings out a new album called Life is a Festival.

Don Diablo the man himself
-XOXO- Ki-Mi


Happy Birthday MONDAY!

Gosh...time goes fast and I realised it again, when a friend told me that MONDAY is celebrating their 1-year anniversary. I bet you're already thinkin, what the h%$#ll is MONDAY?! Well let me tell you very quikly.

It is a party/get together/whatever on MONDAY ( DUH! ) at Supperclub. Let's make this easier..this is what they say:
- "The synergy of creative people and the joyfull environment are the characteristics of MONDAY. Mix this with the no-nonsense and the "expect the unexpected" vibe from the chique Supperclub and you've got a brand new succesfull clubnight".- MONDAY

Let's just say my friends and I enjoy everytime! You can choose to relax on one of those big loungebeds or dance your feet of on House or Old school R&B music!
So Happy Birthday to you!
MONDAY clubnight
Supperclub lounge/club/restaurant
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C. Crawford By The one and only Mr Testino. for VMAN

Let's Cut to the Chace..!
The NewSh*t Hottie on the cover of VMAN..
The cover looks good. hope the editorial is good too..

Photo by Mario Testino
Styling Brian Moloy

-xoxo- Ki.Mi


Prada launches new Cell Phone

Ok as we all know, Prada brought out a cell phone by LG but now they released a new one. Crazy!!!! It has an on touch screen and the keyboard is Qwerty....Well isn't that handy? Now we don't have to look for the letters anymore..So for all you fashionista's, get your Prada phone!

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Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

For the girls among our Blog readers...makeup can make a difference to your face. For me...yes it definitley does! Hihihi...so for you clumpsy girls or beginners Bobbi Brown brings out a new book called; Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. So girlies....so now you can keep your face fresh and sexy!!!

Link: Bobbi Brown

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Chanel's Mobile Art

I was reading the WWD and there I saw this picture of a futuristic building...and what do you know....? It was Chanel's Mobile Art that just "landed" at Central Park, NY. Architect Zaha Hadid made this building especially for Chanel where people can look at art for free. The art that you can see is inspired by the Chanel bag....Yes people...we still adore "the bag"!!!!!
Brand: Chanel
Architecture: Zaha Hadid
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Universal Mind Control || Common

Universal Mind Control the 8th album by Common.....Truly one of my favorite rappers! Some of the track are produced by The Neptunes, but also Kanye West and you can also find Cee-lo on the album....Yeayeah!!!!! Can't say more about it, just listen...

Announcement - Common ft. Pharrell Williams

"I created this music for the summer time, it's about feeling good... this is the type of music I felt was missing from my body of work."
- Common -
Website: Common
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Single Ladies || Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce's New song Single Ladies made it's debut on MTV last monday night.. We Love Beyonce.. And we support everything she does always FIERCE!
So enjoy the video ... !!

-xoxo- Ki.Mi.

Cam Gigandet || Spotted, new Hottie of the week..!

This Hottie known from playing the role of surfer Kevin Volchok in the serie The O.C.
He's a hot young movie star..!
Check him out..!!

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UNICEF partners collaborate with designers to benefit UNICEF's vaccination programs.

Designers that we mostly admire like BCBG, Chanel, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sonia Rykiel, Versace, and Yves Saint Laurent are helping UNICEF partners with their vaccine program, which gives money to 250 centers in Darfur dedicated to vaccinating under five year olds against the six most deadly childhood diseases. By presenting their ''sweet face'' dolls at the Petit Palais museum in Paris, from November 18th till 23rd which they created..
''Below'' we have an image of one of the dolls by Moschino

by Moschino .

-xoxo- Ki.Mi.

Lily Cole Does Playboy..!

The Cute Dollface Model Lily Cole normally does only the high fashion campaigns and magazine covers, but now she surprises us with this month french Playboy.
Its almost looks like a 1960 Playboy cover.
She still looks FIERCE!!

-xoxo- Ki.Mi