Latin Village
Spaarnwoude, NL

In Holland we have loads of different kind of Festivals and this time; Latin Festival. Honestly I'm not a huge fan of Festivals, but once in a while, I think why the hell not and let me feel the vibe. Thank upthere, we had a gorgeous day! So many people dressed in so many different ways. I almost wanted to blog about the worst festival outfits, but ok, I didn't wanna be that kind of a B*tch. But if had seen that pffffffff you would have agreed :p Enjoy if you go to a festival too this summer!

Women & Shoes

SHOES! It can make your outfit look fab or it can fail like horsesh*t. I believe shoes says a lot about a person and there are so many different ones. Nowadays it's not about comfort and protecting the feet, it's about  making a statement or showing of your mood. Anyway, I adore shoes! I can wear sneakers but also those sexy 14 inch high heels :) Just remember, always wear whatever your mood is and make it hot!

Credits for this post: Alexander Hes


Men are full of Colors
Just love it when men are wearing a proper suit. I always melt! LOL!
See how good they look in their own way.


my life can be like an adventure, 
but if you don't have someone to share it with
it has almost no value
The Weeknd

Maybe it's because the 2 "Happy"  seasons has started, but what's up with all the sex music?! A Lot of artists singing about winden, grinden, putting it in, pushing it hard, don't wanna feel my legs kind of actions........well you get the picture. Are they in a babymaking mood or just horny while making the song? Don't get me wrong, I'm not bitchin about it, I ADORE it! Hhahhaa LOL! It sets the mood right with your lover =)
Anyway,  LISTEN to The Weeknd. download the album on their website. It's HOT and NICE, good for those sweaty days, to make things even more wet ;-)

Peter Lindbergh
Model as a Muse


Versace for H&M



Catching Moments

My dear friends, colleagues and the best stylists of Amsterdam


Daria Werbowy

Dolce &Gabbana
Spring 2012 Menswear

Kris van Assche
Interview Magazine
Rick Owens

The story of Belgian designer Kris Van Assche, in the most obvious way, is defined by the story of his former boss, Hedi Slimane. Van Assche grew up in the town of Londerzeel, and after graduating from the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 1998, he got an internship with Slimane, who was then designing for Yves Saint Laurent. When Slimane decamped to head up meanswear at Dior two years later, Van Assche followed, before leaving Dior in 2004 to start his own label. But after Slimane’s wildly influential run at Dior came to an end in 2007, Van Assche was summoned once again to try to fill the very slim pants of a man whose work at the label helped define a global menswear trend built around teenage-sexy, rock ’n’ roll chic.

RICK OWENS: The last time we saw each other was at my club [Spotlight Club]. How did you like the show? [Owens had invited the drag queen Christeene.]
KRIS VAN ASSCHE: Usually when you get to see people’s private parts, it’s because you asked, right?

OWENS: My concern was that they would tone it down and be less extreme, so from the very first second they got onstage, I was—
VAN ASSCHE: They didn’t tone it down, did they?

OWENS: [laughs] So, now that I have you: Did you always want to be a designer?
VAN ASSCHE: Ever since I realized that clothes just don’t drop out of the closet and that somebody was deciding what I would actually wear. I must have been around 10 or 12 when I started questioning things like, Why should somebody else decide what I’m going to wear? And I’m an only child, and I was born in this small town.

OWENS: Did your parents dress you? Was that something you reacted to?
VAN ASSCHE: Yeah, of course. My parents are really nice, but they’re very conservative. They’re like the most normal people in the world. And they had one big definition for life, which was: “Don’t get noticed. Be normal, that’s weird enough.” And that just didn’t work for me.

To read the rest of the interview: see link below

W Magazine

Photographs by: Patrick Demarchelier
Styling: Alex White

Jessica Biel X Pharrell Williams

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Festival Season has started!!!!

In Holland the weather can be really sucky and you have to be prepared when it comes to choosing your outfit for a festival. But let's just pretend we're gonna have gorgeous weather :) So if you have no inspiration at all, let these stars inspire you to look Fashion forward and still comforting for any weather type

Todd Eberle
Empire of Space

Todd Eberle is a professional photographer and artist based in New York City. He is currently the photographer-at-large for Vanity Fair and regularly contributes to the New York Times Style Magazine, Interview, and the Wall Street Journal Magazine, among others. His photographs document the disparate images that make up American architecture, landscapes, and society and are united by a minimalist aesthetic that runs through his work.



Louis Vuitton
Angelina Jolie

After Bono, Catherine Deneuve, Sean Connery, Diego Maradonna and so on & on, Miss Jolie was shot by Annie Leibovitz for the Core Values campagne of Louis Vuitton. Dressed in her own clothes, barely make up on and with her own LV bag, she looks gorgeous as always.

I Shoot You!
James Franco

We all know this good lookin' guy from Spiderman & 127 Hours. Besides the fact he's an actor, director, writer & editor, he has found another talent: Photography. Inspired by James Dean - Rebel Without a Cause, he shot Agyness Deynn in black & white pictures for Elle Magazine.
And what can I say, the pictures turned out beautiful!