Catching Moments


Beautiful as always Miss Lindsay Pronk, shot by www.iamremy.com
What a great picture!

I Adore....

Just love the Mira Duma style!

Jam Home Made collaborates with Clot

Even though I don't wear a watch myself, this little thing around your wrist is still fetching to me. I have always liked a Rolex, but as I look around me, the exclusive Rolex, has become a fashion trend in Amsterdam, not attractive at all! 
So I bumped into these sophisticated ones. Something different and unique!

Jay-Z & Kanye West ft Frank Ocean

No Church in the Wild

Most Beautiful Houses

Due to my own househunting these days......yessss people I'm leaving one of the greatest cities in the world, my beloved Amsterdam.....I was curious about houses around the world and believe me found some really beautiful ones.




Interview Magazine

Kristen Stewart || Charlize Theron

Amazing photoshoot by Mikael Jansson for Interview Magazine. I find both women intriguing and mysterious. They both have a certain beauty that is a bit indescibable. See for your self!


I Adore....

How great is this look! 

Beyonce || Making of Revel

How great is it that after just 5 months giving birth, she's already performing!!!
Check out this making of....the road to Revel.