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I hope you ready for this one people..
cause its almost September 10th 
Favorite time of the YEAR!

If you never heard from Fashion's Night Out, well people i can tell you this it's
the global shopping event of the year! On September 10th, 
fashion lovers all around the world will come together for Fashion's Night Out 2010!

From Brooklyn to Brazil to Boston,
the fashion industry is already buzzing about the news that 
this year’s globe-spanning extravaganza Fashion’s Night Out, 
is back!
The 2010 edition of the biggest fashion party in history promises to be equally epic, 
splurge inspiring and full of even more stylish surprises.
Start your wish lists now!

for more information check out: http://www.fashionsnightout.com/

here are a few pictures of last year Fashion's Night Out!

The NewSh*t.

The NewSh*t

 Sir YES Sir
Military & Leather!
 Don't we all love leather..?? Well WE DO!
This Vogue Paris March issue It's HOT HOT HOT..
I know it's a few months old but DAMN it ROCKS!
The Commando series directed by Emmnuelle Alt
(our favorite fashion director of Vogue Paris.) & shot by David Sims.

 Magazine: Vogue Paris March 2010
Editorial: Commando
Photographer: David Sims
Model(s): Iselin Steiro

$74,000 crocodile skin jacket
 This jacket can be yours at. Luisa Via Roma.


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check it out. Vogue Evolution on america's best dance crew.


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Ol' School Covers
Interview Magazine

Sometimes we don't realize that certain magazines exists for many decades. Interview Magazine is one of them. I bumped into these old covers, with none other than, James Dean & Marlyn Monroe for example. Love it!
To see some more, check on their website:


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Hip Hip Hoorah!
i-D Magazine turns 30!

 Congratulations! Up to many more issues!



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And I am Quoting......

 - personality can open doors
only character can keep them open -
elmer g. letterman
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Gay Pride

One year later and Gay Pride had arrived! We were so excited to see the Gay Parade, but ofcourse thanks to our wonderful Dutch weather, it was RAINING! :( Boohooo!
Thankfully later that night it stopped, so we hit the road and off to the centre! 


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Mansory Vincero d'Oro

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Aischa's Supper Jam

I seriously ADORE jamsessions and what do you know?.......My amazing talented music producer big brother Geronimo a.k.a Eastar organised with the band a jamsession at Supperclub. Every first thursday these talented musicians show us what they got....and boy oh boy do they got something!
Next time I will post a vid, then you know what I'm talking about! And otherwise, if you're in Amsterdam, GO, SEE and LISTEN to these great notes!


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Most Fashionable Footballer 2010

We've received a press release for The Most Fashionable Footballer 2010. My first thought was: Fashion.......Footballer?!  I don't see the connection, besides the fact that society adores Footballers and love to put them in a spotlight, apparently even in this way. So why the hell not, request some press tickets and GO! And we did! 
What can we say about the night, we thought it was ok.  A whole lot of people, so a whole lot of blabla. What I really didn't get was, why there was a womens swimwear show, if the whole thing is about men?! Anyway, I think they both enjoyed it, if you know what I mean :p
Surpising was the winner, cause for the last 2 weeks our acquaintance Mr. Gregory van der Wiel, was chosen by the public poll as their no. 1 on their website. But no the big winner was, Kurt Elshot.
At the end of the night, we had fun, met some new people, we can't complain!



The NewSh*t Congratulates
Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz

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10th Anniversary

Yesterday, Appelsap was definitely the word of the day! This Hip Hop fest was once a small event and in 10 years with their ups and downs, it became a big event. So it was a celebration indeed!


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Catching Moments

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Noxx Antwerpen

Because Fouradi posted on twitter, that Tyga was going to perform at Noxx Antwerp, I texted my friend and asked her if she would like to go. And so before we knew it, we got dressed and hit the road to Antwerp!
Sorry that I didn't made video.....I forgot my camera! :( But I do have some pics! :)
Tyga looked sooo cute! Hahhaha And ofcourse everybody rapped along, girls were screaming and pics/vids were made! I had a GREAT time! Laught my ass off!