Tatt....tatt....tatted up


It's not just the boys anymore that get tatted up. Girls do it more often nowadays and DAMN they look great! I also started this year for the first time. And definitley not done yet, not addicted I have to say, but I just know it isn't perfect yet. Maybe I will upload a picture to show you ;) And otherwise show me yours!


Just a note.....

Sorry that I haven't posted anything in the last weeks. You know how life can keep u busy sometimes.
And can you imagine the end of the year is coming soooo close! Wow...times flies! Therefore people seriously enjoy everyday with your loved ones and do what makes YOU happy!
Holidays are coming as well. Are you making plans yet? Tell me! Inspire me! But first... my Bday is coming up YEAH! Hhahahha Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not gonna do anything special this year. It will be a small celebration with the people I love.
Anyway.....keep on following my blog...thanks a million!

Christian Dior - Miss Dior Cherie

J'aime ce commerciaux



Come and live in my world...

The Saatchi Gallery

by Kader Attia 2007

No one has influenced the changing face of contemporary art quite like Charles Saatchi. Now, in this first-ever chronicle of the Saatchi Gallery since its opening in 1985, the full effect of his pioneering curatorial eye is felt. The weighty leather- and cloth-bound volume reads like a Who's Who of the art world over the last 25 years.

source: Wallpaper

I Adore....

Angelina Jolie