Rafael Uiterloo Scores!!!!!

Rafael Uiterloo's Debut
Rafael Uiterloo, the 17 year old little brother of Mr. Gray, made his debut yesterday in the football game FC-Utrecht - PSV. We are so proud of him!!!!


Exclusive Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue Eaux de Parfum

Andy Warhol (August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987), is known for his famous world wide work as a painter, an author, an avant- gard filmmaker, a record producer and as a public figure. So for his 80th Anniversary, Bond no. 9 introduces its 3rd Warhol eaux de parfum, Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue, which derived from the pre-Pop years in the ’50, where he lived in one of the several apartments at Lexington Avenue.

To survive the streets of New York City, Warhol started to design ads for the legendary I. Miller, shoe establishment, that would appear in the New York Times and the Herald Tribune. A decade before the Pop-art existed, Warhol was already advanced in his work He took his shoe illustrations so seriously that he submitted in 1956 one of them as a gift to the Museum of Modern Art, unfortunately it was rejected. And so there it all began the fascination for shoes.

Therefore the look of the bottle; truly Warholian shoe designs that was created 50 years ahead of their time. The scent is composed with floral woody chypre (chypre meaning fresh citrus top notes and a lingering forest-like base) with highly coveted contemporary gourmand notes—a brew of peony, orris, patchouli, sandalwood, cardamom, fennel, almonds, cumin, and even crème brulee. A seductive and intoxicating autumn-winter fragrance, Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue is the perfume equivalent of that rarity.

The Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue is available in 2 different sizes
50 ml - $135 and 100 ml - $195
at Bond No. 9’s four New York City boutiques, http://www.bondno9.com/ and at Saks Fifth Avenue nationwide.
Launch date: September 2008

For the holiday season, Limited-edition flacons will feature Robert Lee Morris sterling silver shoe pendants of Warhol’s shoe designs, on a sterling silver chain available for $575
Launch date: September 2008.

Interview MonsterCreator mgmt - "LL"

Dear Blog viewers, this is an interview of our best friend LL,
she recently started a management agency. We added a slideshow with some of her latest work. The reason why we wanted to interview her is because she's a big inspiration to us and she is not easy to fathom for these kinds of things...
questions and answers....That is.

KIMI ''TheNewSh*t'' :Good afternoon Miss LL! Thank you for giving this interview.
KIMI ''TheNewSh*t'' : First of all...how are you..?
LL ''Monstercreator'' : Hhahaha, Thanks for asking, everything is fine..
What did you had for breakfast/lunch? Or what is you're favorite lunch?
Snickers...I had for lunch .. lol My fav.is latte macchiatto coffee
City of birth : Cebu City
Fav.color : Red, Grey
Fav.city : London,New York,Tilburg
Fav. restaurant(s) : Sumosan(london),Kushi-tei(a.dam), Brix(a.dam),jufr.Tok (tilburg)
Fav. hangouts : Supperclub,American Bookcenter,9 straatjes.
Heroes : People whose life is lived more giving than taking.
Fav.scents : Johnsons&johnson,GFF,T.passate,Kylian
my boyfriend's scent.
Hobby's : Exclusive books,cartoons.
Fav. tv programms : CNN,cartoons.
Status : In a relationship
5 things you cant live without : Kiehl lipbalm, my white Sony cam , diary, my 2 fav.necklaces ( a letter 'N') and a holy mary holding a child.
fav.holiday spot; Dont have one yet, still have to visit one. (magic island)
You started a new business called Monster Creator? What does the name mean or for what does it stand for?
Yes, how can I describe it in a easy way? Uuuhmm, today I had a business meeting and my contact had a big laugh about my company name he thought it was fantastic! Your best friend becomes your biggest enemy. But on the other hand, I’m very good in creating original idea’s and concepts, so I see it as something creative, you understand me right? Yeah you do...
Selling your concepts in fashion, music industry...Why did you choose that industry and not something else?
I guess that's the hole I keep fallin' into
Do you have any favorite brands in fashion?
Not really, I like vintage stuff, I wear t-shirts, Levi's jeans, Vans sneakers....thats about it, my favorite designer of all time is Azzedine Alaia ( I had his dress and got stolen...for real! )
I like all kinds of music...Beatles, Coldplay, Biggie, but I’m not down with that reggae shit
Tell me about the plans with Monster Creator, what are your intentions, goals, achievements etc?
As you know I photograph for quite some time, it’s more a Monster Creator Management, I will manage some peeps in their work and I will keep on selling my idea’s and concepts to specific company’s in fashion, music etc.
Can you give me a scoop about who you're managing now/future or what kind of projects you're busy about?
I’m busy with a lot of stuff and all kinds of people as in fashion,music. Sometimes I forget what I’m busy about, I guess, I will always continue creating stuff that I’m good at, and that’s creating some things that others can’t, I think, are interesting projects...coming soon more
You're in this business for some time, how did you started?
I’ve never been to school for Photography. I got for my 20th Birthday a camera from my stepfather. I just started playing with that thing. I remember the first time I went outside with my camera, I made shots from garbage cans, astrays, that kind of stuff, the weirdest sh*t. I liked it! My first assignement was for Kees de Koning @ Paradiso. Some Hip Hop artists were performing and I asked if I could make some shots and at the same time there was also another photographer for newspaper Parool or Telegraaf, can’t remember very well, and he came to me and asked if I could mail my pictures to him. Yes weird! Apparently he liked my pictures more than his and the next day my picture was on the second page, the whole page! After that...everything went fast....
Did you always wanted to do this?
No not really, I wanted to be a surgeon, but didn’t finished my study. I thought with Photography I can make money now, It was a way of surviving and it paid very well.
What is the most memorable thing you experienced in your career?
A Photoshoot at a videoshoot in New York for 2 Unlimited, not because of the Group, but it was fun and enjoyable, helicopters, limo’s and sh*t, but also meeting Notorious B.I.G. ( RIP ), Uuhhmmm N.E.R.D. in London, Paris, was also very funny and almost forgot during a press conference I saw Angelina Jolie, don’t ask me anything, I was just staring, such a beautiful woman. She has a aura that overshadows.
You always keep a low profile, how come?
Tsja…that's just me... You never see me exaggerate with my camera. People that know, they know and if they like my work, they know where to find me.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
I hope I’m alive and kickin' and healthy and happy on my way...magic islands?? My future residential yard??
What is the most proud thing you ever done?
I do a lot of things that people don’t know about, I just keep it to myself, there’s is nothing to brag about, him up there knows it
Give me a quote..
Fuck if you do, fuck if you don't......censor that shit hahah, let me get back to you for that, I don’t know LOL

Thanks again and good luck!


HrVi By Harvey Bouterse

I love this suit.. !!
I; Mitchell Gray, would wear this tracksuit like every day 24/7 if I get the chance..

Autumn/Winter 2008

We ran into this myspace profile of this guy named Harvey Bouterse, we were so stunned that we needed to post his work on our blog. He's an incredible designer.....truly admire his work.
The reason why I; love HrVi's collection is, because it's fitted and I am a very slim person, but not to forget what his bio mentioned, his collection is very small and exclusive, so that each piece becomes a personal item, finished to perfection.
We will follow every step he takes in the future from now on.

Spring/Summer '08

U can buy HrVi in Holland @ Nuzyn guirillia shop from Koos Faber;

website: http://www.nuzyn.nu/

And "Nen Xavier" in Rotterdam

Keep up the good work Harvey..!! We love love love IT!

For all our blog readers.. u can check Harvey out urself;


Bling Pendant & Necklaces

Bling Pendants Iced Out Necklaces are becoming more and more popular both in and out of the urban scene. The chains are long, the pendant’s are big - that’s how most rappers like it. Of course, Pendant chain necklace’s extend way beyond just the likes of rappers, but we all know how much they love them.

This stunning exclusive pendant necklace only costs £290.00

Pendant Necklace by: Bodouir by Disaya
Photography By: L.L.

Pendant Necklaces by Fiona & Luke

P Willy Wonka & LL aka Monstercreator
Pendant Necklace by Chopard

Ne-Yo || Miss Independent

vid starring: Trey Songz, Gabrielle Union, Lauren London, and Keri Hilson.

Style and the City

When Style and The City meets Paris

Just a normal day in Paris...
every time when we are in paris we get inspired, the french really know what fashion is..
thats how i discovered Style and the City
the best blog so far...

Fashion and Blogging

fashion and blogging is a must see!
Blogging is a fantastic way of expression, sharing and creation, it is just a shame to see so many blogs replicating rather than creating their own style !!!

M. Gray

Don't you feel an invasion in the city? Good thing they are thin and gorgeous.

to be continued...

Kate Moss nude in Interview Magazine

To me, the most utlimate timeless Supermodel Kate Moss, posing in the latest edtion of Interview Magazine plus an interview about why she hates fake boobs and that men are absolute bastards!

Photocredit by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott


Cassie Ft Lil Wayne || Official Girl

Watch Cassie’s sexy new enjoyable video for “Official Girl” featuring Lil Wayne The first single off Cassie’s sophomore album

Produced by: Danja.
Directed by: Chris Robinson.

Anastasia Leung Lo Hing

New Face in town; Anastasia Leung Lo Hing

Ran into a friend couple of weeks ago, She's GORGEOUS so Stunning she must have turned casting rooms upside down, she's now one of my new favorites!

Photography by: Marcel Zuurmond


Tom Ford White Patchouli

One of my Favorite Designers Launched once again a new fragrance
a fragrance I also use, and it smells wonderful...
With singer Erykah Badu also one of my favorte artists.
This is Erykah Badu's 1st high fashion ad campaign.
Ad Campaign: Tom Ford White Patchouli Fragrance
Model: Erykah Badu Photography by Mert and Marcus


He came, he saw, he conquered; SoulTrotteR.

If my calculations are correct, 8 years ago I saw this boy, Philip aka Soultrotter, breakdancing at this beach event in Bloemendaal. I knew his face, because he acted in this Dutch soapserie, wich is a big hit on tv for years! So my first reaction was and I say this with my opinion as a dancer, yes you did’nt know that, but I danced for 14 years allround, as in classic ballet, jazz, showmusical, tapdancing, modern dancing etc, you get the picture.....anyway, so this so called actor is trying to b-boy know?! The way he was breakdancing!!!! It was sooo bad! I do give him credit for having the nerve to do his thing, even though he wasn’t experienced like the others. At that time streetdance was a cool thing to do, but I got a little bit frustrated, cause suddenly everybody tried to show off what they got. And don’t get me wrong, love to see talented people dance, but if I looked at their technique it was BS! And I trained for years to make every move perfect.

So in those 8 years I saw Philip now and then at party’s B-boying. And I have to say, he became a great dancer! He travelled around the world, showing what he got. Besides B-boying he started his own company called Soultrotter Productions. He creates concepts for video’s and short movies. www.soultrotter.com

I was really sceptic in the beginning, but he convinced me in every single way! So Philip I respect your hard work, it definitly paid off, you impressed me and I find it a joy watching you! If you see the video, you’re gonna agree with me! BIG UP to you my B-boy friend!


Creative chaos

Creativity can bring some chaos now and then, but we are ambitious and do everything what we can to achieve our goal. Little time that we have, we try to spend well. We come together, brainstorming, thinking about new idea’s, what can we adjust to make it perfect, just the way we want it. Because when we drop our Sh*t, we drop it hard! No BSh*tting around! I can not tell you yet what we’re doing exactly, but I’ll keep u updated!

Just keep in mind......when it has arrived, it can not be tamed!


The Parade

After a lovely dinner with my family, my friend Sule and I were heading to the Parade. And no I don’t mean the Gay Parade...that was last weekend. Even though it is a yearly event, people still don’t always know what it is and it’s been held in Rotterdam, the Hague, Utrecht and now in Amsterdam.

It is a mobile art festival held at the Martin Luther King park. When you have good weather and by that I mean NO RAIN!, at night you have this really living in a different world for a moment kind of feeling ambiance.

For me it reminds me of the American fun fairs. You can visit some theatre acts, eat food from different countries, play games, watch movies, just a relaxed fun night out.
So go and see the Parade.....With good weather!!!!!


LOL in Amsterdam!!!!!!!!

Crazy People!!!!!

First things first….wake up call to Mr. Gray to get his ass out of bed and ofcourse also mine, hihihi, seriously I’m soooo not a morning person! We had an appointment at Ganbaroo, a PR agency, at 12.00 PM. So we hopped on the Vespa and we’re up and running or driving in this case. Arrived there......this lovely PR lady shows us the brands she has in her showroom and what the rules are for using the clothes. We need this for a photoshoot that we plan on doing for our party that is going to be held at Panama. When that was said and done, back on the Vespa again hitting town, because our dearest friend LL and her love Nick, I mentioned her before in one of my other story’s, if you read it and paid attention! are in town at 9 straatjes, one of the best shopping area’s in Amsterdam! For REAL!

Spotted: Percy Irausquin, haute couture designer, waiting for tram 1 to arrive.

We spotted them or actually Nick spotted us at a jewellery store, hunting for some necklaces. We continue our trip to a luxury cosmetic shop where they have the most exclusive, creative, expensieve, perfume, make-up, skincare and all that kind of stuff.....you get the picture. Mr. Gray and LL had their fun with perfume, because they really can spend hours in that shop, smelling everything and reminisce about all they ever smelled, used or know in their long friendship history. I do have to say, there is one perfume that’s called Clean and smells like soap and fresh laundry..... How refreshing is that!

Time is passing by and our stomach’s are crying for food. First thought is Brix, but unfortunetly it opens at 5PM. So option nr 2....Palladium, not really one of our favorite spots anymore, but the food is good and we didn’t want to think to hard where to eat. Yummie yummie.....I ordered my favorite Club Sandwich, Mr. Gray and Nick hamburgers with fries and LL the Palladium salad. We talked for hours about business, yes work never stops in our schedule, life, future plans, love etc. Simlpy the come together again conversations between good friends!

So what are we going to do next....? Hmmmm let’s think.....the Movie’s! Because Mr. Gray and I still haven’t seen Sex and the City we deceided to watch that movie...Yeah finally!!!!! I know, how come we still haven’t seen that one right, just simply busy, other priorities....and yes I have to be in the mood to go, I’m not a big fan of the cinema’s. I’d rather see it at home on my own couch, wearing my oversized sweatpants and T, eating whatever I want, drink whatever I want and plus there are no annoying people around me that can ruin my night out.
But to stick with the story........I LOVED the movie..!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh....there was drama, comedy, fashion.....everything what this movie needed, well in my opinion. It was a good ending for our day out together!

We had LOL like we always do, living in our own world, seesing the day! Aaaaahhhh we’re living the good life, like it’s golden!


B-Boy Kid

Arrived at Leidsesquare at 11:30 PM on this amazing hot finally-having-the-feeling-it-is-summertime evening, waiting for my friend Kim to have a drink. On the square there was this Breakdance crew giving their great performance. I don’t know their crew name, sorry about that, but what I do know, is that these guys are B-boying for a very long time. Seen them for years, dancing in clubs, performing on the streets, basically they’re known in Amsterdam.

But my story isn’t actually about them. It is about this cute little B-boy Kid, age max 5, that was doing his thing. Yes you heard me correctly!!!!! A 5 YEAR OLD KID B-BOYING in the middle of Leidse square. He even had his own little cardboard to breakdance. He was spinning on his head, making the split, standing on his hands, real B-boying! The only sound that the audience made was….WOW!!!!!

So Big UP! for this B-boy Kid....! You are a talented person, hope one day you'll gonna shine even more and share it with the rest of the world!