Lemar and Dauley in Stores Fall '08...!

Lemar And Dauley was created in 2003, and its genesis was cultivated by the Do It Yourself movement, along with their passion for arts that found its roots while both attended LaGuardia High School for Arts & Performing Arts.

Lemar And Dauley also did collaborations on new design projects with Adidas, Kid Robot and DC Shoes. And receveid accolades from VIBE, Complex and URB Magazine, and has been recognized by filmaker Spike Lee.

Lemar And Dauley Colaboration with DC.

(Below) we have some pictures of last year/season Fall '07

Lemar And Dauley FALL '07

Check out there Official Website Lemar And Dauley.
also available in stores in NL nov '08
B sure to check it out..!! They ROCK..!!

-xoxo- kimi.

Angelina Jolie doll goes for $3,350 on eBay..!

Would u like to play with Angelina Jolie? well u can, Filipino Artist Noel Cruz (pic below) made those master piece dolls..

Noel Cruz

Noel Cruz started doing potraits at a very young age. Self-taught for several years, he studied the works of numerous artists in his native country, the Philippines. I’m very impressed by the dolls. They’re works of art! for more dolls and informations about this artist. check out his Official Site Noel Cruz

-xoxo- kimi.


Making the video.....Dio - Het is je Boy

Yessir..!!!! The video has been released, and we've shot some pics too, hope you like it and here the video. So keep your headbanging ready!!! Enjoy!!!!!

Dio the man himself
Habbekrats for making the video


Working girl

Gosh...the 2nd week at V&R passes by as if time is nothing. Busy busy busy...pffff and when the weekend has arrived I'm so freakin tired. I'm not complaining though. I love what I do ;)
I was also just thinkin about, that upcoming Monday fall season officially arrives...boohoo! Yep summer is over..as if we really had a summer in NL?! NOT! Anyway....I bet the weather is not gonna hold us down...we keep the LOL alive...!

Well the sun is still shining...and I'm just living my life.....Peace out...



Mat Gordon for Paco Rabanne 1 Million fragrance

check out the video and Oh my F'ing G*d! Mat looks so 'expensive' and amazing!!!
Wish i could just snap my fingers at any time and got everything exactly where i wanted and how i wanted i to be...
All I say is he can!
Paco Rabanne: 1 Million, a new fragrance for men "blending sensuality and freshness" and symbolizing "

You know u love me -xoxo- KIMI.


LB.nu.. Want to get inspired?

Don't know what to wear? or do u like ur style better..
Well guys i got something for you.. LOOKBOOK.nu

LOOKBOOK.nu is an international social experiment in style. It was inspired by street fashion blogs like the Sartorialist as well as "What are you wearing today?" forum threads across the internet.

Sign up and get inspired..!

-xoxo- KIMI.

The Key to your Closet..

Look what i have discoverd today, i was surfing around and came by this brand named: Key Closet.. i just stopped and liked what i saw.. just once again something i wanted to share with you guys..

Do you like your denim being blinged-out? well now u can join brand wearers Jamie Foxx & Terrell Owens, in the Swarovski crystal, diamond-studded, hand-threaded, hand-drawn, white gold-buttoned madness that is Key Closet

Key Closet's Exspensive pair of denim comes embedded with over 1000 Tiffany-set Swarovski crystals, in addition to hand-drawn patterns and one carat diamonds on each back pocket.

What we love about this brand is, each pair they sell goes to a social responsibility and will donate 30% of the proceeds from each pair to a charity which will help build primary schools for children in Kampala, Uganda.

American Footballer Terrel Owens wearing;
Key Closet Crystal Studded Eagle Printed Tee.

You know u love me -xoxo- KIMI.


The coolest, and most unique online shop.

Are you a limited edition fanatic? well today my friend J. lew, discoverd this website with exclusive super rare limited edition design pieces and fine art photography.
And is so far one of the coolest, and most unique online shop that has been brought to our attention in a long long time.

all items are created in very low numbers and will never be produced again.

they have an online shop based in London that offers highly-edited limited edition pieces produced by select luxury brands. Any way check them out at www.20ltd.com

You know u love me -xoxo- KIMI.

Forget and go on with your life.

Dear The New Sh*t Blog Viewers.. Just something i wanted to share with you guys,
Dont u love Madea.. Shes always right..

It’s all right sit around and be depressed for a minute, cry about it do whatever you have to do.
But don’t stay there to long..!

Get up and go on with your life!

This is what I learned

If somebody want to walk out of your life. LET THEM GO!

Especially if you know you have done everything you can do.
You have sat around been the best man or woman you can be and they still want to go?

Whatever they running after they will see what they had in a minute.
But by then it would be too late!

Cause half these people you have been sitting around crying about and worry about, 2, 3 years from now you ain’t gonna even remember there last name.

How many times you have seen folks somewhere, you will be like what the hell was I thinking! What was wrong with me what was I been going through! Must have been lonely as hell that I had to hook up with you.

Let folks go!

Some people come into your life for a lifetime; some come for a season you got to know which is which. And your gonna always mess up if you mix season people up with lifetime expectations.

You have to learn to be yourself; people have to learn to be alone. I don’t understand people who say stuff like; lord where’s my man lord where’s my woman that is crazy as hell. If you don’t know how to learn to be by yourself, what you gonna do with somebody else. STOP PRAYING ABOUT IT!
Shut up and wait! Go work on you that’s what that time is for, to get your self together.

You know u love me -xoxo- KIMI.

Oh my F'ing God! H&M by COMME des GARÇONS’

Oh my F'ing God!…I Just found out that COMME des GARÇONS’ founder and head designer Rei Kawakubo will be creating their next designer collection for H&M this autumn.
Rei Kawakubo will design a women’s and men’s collection, with some pieces for children too. With Accessories and an exclusive unisex fragrance..

(sneak peek) of the men's collection
H&M Comme des Garçons.
Photographer: Peter Gehrke

You know u love me -xoxo- KIMI.


Behind The Cover with Mary-Kate Olsen on ELLE

ELLE UK offers us a glimpse at behind the cover shoot with their latest cover star, Mary-Kate Olsen- my personal favorite of all! MK is so mesmerizing, I love the way she is and her style. The September ‘08 issue is out this week, in the meantime check out the video.

-xoxo- KIMI

Dasha Zhukova

I really admire this beautifull
Russian billionaire, fashion designer and socialite Dasha Zhukova is best known as the girlfriend of Roman Abramovich, born in Moscow and raised in Los Angeles.
|| She keeps it real ||
Her outfits include “black shirt tucked into bandage skirt, black high stilettos , no makeup, hair tied or loosely back.” An article says that “up close her skin is as dewy as a 16-year-old’s and she has mesmerizingly flawless teeth.” She also peppers her California-accented speech with phrases like “Or whatever” and “oh cool.”

Dasha Zhukova & Christina Tang

|| She's her own person ||
Ms. Zhukova doesn’t like being referred to as Roman’s girlfriend, but as a cultural force in her own right. She refuses in the Guardian article even to confirm their widely reported relationship. Still, Russians say her gallery will be big largely because of the money and profile of Mr. Abramovich.

It is easy, of course, to see Ms. Zhukova as just another oligarch princess frittering away millions in her quest for social standing and substance. But at least she’s doing something honorable with her money–helping to boost the profile of contemporary art and culture in Russia. It sure beats buying handbags.

She also teamed up with her best friend Christina Tang in L.A. to creat the understated but edgy line. named; Kova&T

Kova&T’s Oxy legging was a hit. The shimmery second skin looks like the bottom of Catwoman’s unitard and is being worn by stylish Russian girls; Kate Moss and the Olsen twins have popped them on with high-top sneakers, vintage T-shirts and fedoras.

-xoxo- KIMI

Madame Perfume || Agyness Deyn by Jean Paul Gaultier

You can't keep a good woman down for long.

Just after Burberry gave her the boot, Agyness Deyn has gracefully landed in Jean Paul Gaultier's commercial for his recently launched perfume, Ma Dame.

❤ We just adore Agyness style body face and everything... Dont u to..? Watch and enjoy..



Dutch rapper Dio: one year later

Debut single cover Dio “Het is je Boy”
Wow a year passes by so quikly....!!!! And I realised it when I got this e-mail from Dio, Dutch rapper, about shooting his first video for his debut single. I met this "such funny" guy via The Opposites when they released their new single called Dom Lomp & Famous, translated Dumb Clumsy & Famous.....yep don't ask what the song is about, let me just say if you could understand it...well never mind. Anyway Dio was featuring on this song and it was a huge hit in NL. At the same time, the smartass he his, he participated with De grote prijs van Nederland, wich is a contest for music artists. Despite his so called succes with the single, he did not won the contest Booohooo, I even supported him in freakin Zwolle which is up all north from Holland and because we're from Amsterdam it was a F*cking long trip!, but we supported him!!!! Anyway, it did'nt hold back Dio to move forward, because he also featured on the soundtrack from the Dutch movie "Alibi" with the Partysquad.

The Opposites feat. Dio & Willie Wartaal - Dom Lomp & Famous

The Partysquad feat. Dio, Sef, Sjaak - Stuk

Dio performing at Grote prijs van Nederland and representing DLF T-shirts

Then I read it...he finally got his record deal with Dutch record label Top-Notch and is going to release his debut album Rock & Roll on November 7th 2008. Yessir!!!! His first single is called "Het is je Boy" and his video was shot recently. So I thought, why should'nt I wright about him on our blog?! So as you can see I did. The day of the video was crazy, LOL, but most of all support. His friends came to join him in the video and Dio the man himself was full of energy even though he was a bit tired because he performed the night before at Valtifest. At the end, we had LOL like always!!!!

Dio with his boys The Opposites

Making the video by Habbekrats

So Dio, wish you all the best with your new album, it's gonna rock, stay true to yourself, don't be bigheaded, but humble, and then the sky is the limit!

Dio The man himself
Topnotch Record Label
Habbekrats for shooting the video
The Opposites Friends, colleagues


Streetlab Amsterdam 2008

Streetlab is a 4-day event for people that like street art, fashion, live perfomances, anyway creative minds coming together.

Fashion show by local and national designers

As you can see there is art, but also the love for sneakers.

There was another reason why I came to this event, because a friend of mine Miss JaydeeCakes Tucker was showing her designs. During Amsterdam International Fashion Week, she was also showing her designs, but unfortunetly I could'nt be there, so I promised her to come to Streetlab. So there I was, the weather was not that great, but thank god it was not raining!!!! You had 2 different area's, one for food and one for the performances. The show started at 7PM and it looked great! Some even combined their fashion show with B-boying and with skip rope. They also made 2 floors of containers, where different brands from magazines to designers to art etc showing their creations.

Miss JaydeeCakes Tucker showing her dress!

Designers that participated in the previous Streetlab events showed their creations too

And to finish our evening, my friend Sule and I went to the Melkweg to see Turk, he also performed at Streetlab, and Jawat. We had a wonderfull, creative, crazy, surpising evening!

up and running in production..

I just got home, glanced at the clock and realized it is almost 4pm in the afternoon. Since it's so late (err... early depending on how you look at it) I'll keep this short. I never really noticed until LL text message me to hook up at her place and photograph our friend for MonsterCreator MGMT Model Casting Agency , so i got up got dressed and went to her place.. it's actually really strange how we just came together.
I guess you never can predict who in this lifetime will make an impact on you. Tonight was fun, crazy (embarrasing as always) and forever memorable (hahaha.... once again.... good or bad, depending on how you look at it..)
For now a few pictures of our new model Noël .. He's adorable..

Photo by; LL
Model: Noël

Models up and running in production with more to come so keep an eye on what we casting...



Presenting Mitchell Niemeijer

Presenting Mitchell Niemeijer, Male Fashion Model.
Photo by: Duy Quoc Vo

And finally we decided to throw in a super cute Amsterdam male model – Mitchell Niemeijer..... We like his piercing blue eyes, and shaved head, He is like a young version of Wentworth Miller.. He easily could make casting agencies go wild.

Photo by: Petrovsky & Ramone for Elsevier Magazine.

Love P & R beautifull work, we just love those pictures..

Check him out at; Tony Jones Model Mgmt.


Finally weekend is here..!

woohoo.... finally weekend is here.... yeah....!! After a week of busy busy work... and now is enjoying time.... yahoo....!! tomorrow is saturday.... As you can see... since my last post on monday.... till now friday then i got time to blog.... lolx....hmm nothing much to blog anyway.. muahahaha.... going out for dinner it's getting late already......

Peace im out.!



Oui Oui Paris.

Arriving in Paris; My Goyard Trunks
Pictures made with my BlackBerry.

I was flying out from Amsterdam Schiphol on friday lunchtime, I arrived at Amsterdam Schiphol a few minutes later, checked in for my flight and bought a copy of NYLON Magezine. My flight was delayed by just over an hour but I finally arrived at Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport and waited for my train. On the platform were two French people, one of which was playing crap French music through her crap, tinny-sounding mobile phone speakers. It’s both disturbing and reassuring to see that this isn’t just a Amsterdams phenomenon. When the train arrived, it was crammed, dirty and far too hot. Anyway, I finally got to my hotel with around 90 minutes to spare before I had to get on a cab at the hotel Costes that would take us to dinner. Plenty time for a shower and a leisurely stroll. Or so I thought. As it turns out we were to late for dinner so we only went to the party in Club VIP ROOM. Arriving in Club VIP ROOM, the people were so nice they guided us to our vip table where we seated.. and opened the night with a bottle of Crystal Champagne & Grey Goose
2 be continued....

-xoxo- MG.