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“People constantly make the mistake of comparing London with New York, Milan and Paris and that's not what it's about. 

London has its own fashion identity. You come here to find the next Alexander McQueen or John Galliano.”

Anna Wintour


Be what suites YOU


Prisca Kwaning

height: 171 dress: 36 bust: 82 waist: 64 hips: 92 
shoes: 39 hair: brown eyes: brown

Natural beauty is the first thing that pops in my 
mind every time I see her. 
She looks always stunning!

See her set card at:


Zadig & Voltaire

Every season I'm looking forward to their new Campagne with the lovely Erin Wasson. And ofcourse the clothes!!!! This brand is seriously bad for my life! hahaha Yesss I still do ADORE!

Hang on my BAPE

We all know BAPE from the clothing line and because of Mr. Skateboy P. it got even more attention. So to extend the prints, BAPE put their funny designs on canvas.


W Magazine - Kate Moss

Upcoming W Magazine's March Issue
the beautiful Kate Moss
was shot by Steven Klein


Anja Rubik by Hedi Slimane

Agnes Obel

Demy de Zeeuw

In this months Issues of Talkies Magazine, Mr. Demy de Zeeuw gives an interview for the column Men & Style. Cause style is something Demy has and fashion caught his attention. He also won the Most Fashionable Footballer Award by Esquire last year.
I've met Demy many years ago when he was still playing for AZ Alkmaar and he's such a delightful person. Very pleased when he signed at Ajax, but now plays for Spartak Moskou. Soon his own website goes online and I'm very curious to see what he has to say and what interests him. 
So Demy I wish you good luck and keep following me! Terimah kasi! ;)


Catching Moments

need a stamp?!


Cos || Amsterdam

Thanks to my friend Miss Sunny it was possible for me to attend the official opening of the GREAT store Cos!  YESSSS finally we have one in Amsterdam. So my gratitude goes out to her and you should really check out and follow what she does, cause she's one of the most creative people in Amsterdam I know and achieved sooo many things. But enough about her, I'll post something soon!
So back to Cos.....Great store, perfect location, friendly people, good music. It was really nice to attend the opening. I can not tell you much about it, then GO!!!!! And experience it yourself....oh and already saw soooo many things I liked. Wish my bankaccount could agree as well hahaha 



I Quote You.....


The Newsht



Spotted these shoes during the Mattijs show last sunday, don't you just love them?

Chloë Sevigny for Interview Magazine

by Kim Gordon

KIM GORDON: This is so funny because we’ve known each other for almost 20 years. [Sevigny gasps] It’s hard to believe.

GORDON: I was trying to think of when we met. It was maybe ’92, when we did the video for “Sugar Kane.”
SEVIGNY: I was still in high school then. I was a senior.

GORDON: You grew up in Darien, Connecticut. Were your parents freaked out about you coming to New York as a teenager?
SEVIGNY: Surprisingly not. Even before I came to New York, I was really into going up North. I was obsessed with “northbound.” It was a thing with me and my girlfriends. We’d go to Amherst or Burlington or New Hampshire. We were really anti going southbound on the I-95.

GORDON: Was that a way of rebelling?
SEVIGNY: I don’t know. I guess we were just into nature and more rural open spaces. That was what the North offered. The South was the city and Jersey and D.C., all of which seemed so condensed. And I had a Volkswagen bus my sophomore and junior years. We’d drive up and sleep inside the bus in Harvard Square or Vermont, which, looking back, is much more dangerous than going into New York City. I said to my mom, “I can’t believe you and Dad let me drive around and sleep in this bus. What the hell were you thinking?” [Gordon laughs] They always said there were more good people than bad in the world. They were kind of trusting, so I don’t think they realized some of the scenarios I got into.

 - I am worried that some of the choices I’ve made—and because people think of me as this fashion icon—might have affected my film career. -

—Chloë Sevigny

GORDON: Do you get sick of talking about fashion?
SEVIGNY: No, but I am worried that some of the choices I’ve made—and because people think of me as this fashion icon—might have affected my film career. That people don’t think of me as a serious actress as much—sometimes that worries me.

GORDON: I think that makes you more of a serious actress. In most movies, you have some influence on what you wear. I think that brings so much more to the role. Do you think you have a lot of leeway, or that the costume designer appreciates your input?
SEVIGNY: It depends on the costume designer and how I get along with her—or him. Sometimes it can be a hindrance more than a help because I get too obsessed with it. And sometimes I think a certain thing is good when something else might look better. It can be hard to collaborate.

GORDON: Because the costume designer has an overview of the whole project, not just your character.
SEVIGNY: Yeah, they have all these tone meetings with colors and shapes. If one girl wants to wear this shape then you have to wear that shape. There are all sorts of compromises. Especially on Big Love when it was the three of us. If she’s in purple, I can’t wear purple.

GORDON: It was great on the show when your character shed her old clothes and came out on her own. It was like, Whoa! That must have been fun.
SEVIGNY: It was fun, but I preferred the old Nicki look. It was a uniform, and whenever you’re in a uniform it’s easy to fall into character. Once the uniform was gone, I was much more lost at sea.

For more but the Interview Magazine or go online http://www.interviewmagazine.com/

Madonna - Give me all your Luvin'

Madonna is Madonna....no comment needed.


Moët & Chandon

Tag your Love, Tag your Moët
Valentine's Special

So to stay in this whole Valentine Love thing....a Moët & Chandon bottle would be the finishing touch on this special day. Buy some strawberries and whipped cream and your night will be....well you have enough imagination! And how convenient is it that they have where you can tag your loved on on it!
Check out their website to see how it works! 

Viktor & Rolf

Love Me Tight
Valentine's Special

In the theme of upcoming Valentine's day and even though I don't participate at all ( yeah yeah I know I'm in love with love, an hopeless romantic, but for me, you should treat your loved one like it's Valentine's day every day and that's exactly what I do ), I find this a GREAT gift for myself hahahhaa! WHY?! This is my favorite fragrance ever! And to give this to someone you love, it is just perfect!! I just adore V&R for their amazing creativity that are always worthy to look forward to and experience it.
So boys...make your girl HAPPY!


Judith Seng

Color Block

Judith Seng works on projects that aim to uncover and provoke new opportunities and perspectives on our existing environment.

source: www.judithseng.de

Crea Bea - Mitchell Gray

You all know my friend Mr. Gray....I envy his creativity, look what he did with his jacket! He took off his sleeves and replaced it with leather ones and look how F*cking dope the back of his jacket is! Customized all by himself! HOT!!!!

Catching Moments


At Club Brillant & Mode Alliance
An Evening with Mattijs

Club Brillant & Mode Alliance presents An Evening with Mattijs

Normally Heineken Music Hall is used for concerts or other big events, but this time it was used for a Fashion show. Therefore I was really excited to see how it would look and be. The long catwalk was in the middle of the hall with on both sides seats for the guests. Ofcourse the show started "fashionably" late, but it was worth it. Club Brillant is all about eyewear, so to combine it with a fashion designer, picture is perfect! And this night was all about " An Evening with Mattijs ". I thought the prêt-a-porter collection of Mattijs was GREAT! Although the whole collection reminded me of Viktor & Rolf and also Balmain. But I've seen some great work and OMG the SHOES!!!!! LOVED that!!!!
Anyway see for yourself! But do check the designer out!