Paris Paris Paris!!!! Nous aimons Paris!!!! Oui Oui Oui! Hahahaha Anyway, we hit the road and within 4 hours we were in the city of LOVE! We absolutley loved it! We chilled, walked, enjoyed the sun, walked, cooked lovely dinners, walked, laughed, walked, went shopping ofcourse ;p ....simply ENJOYED ourselfs!!!!!!!


In the reality of many realities
how we see what we see
affects the quality
of our reality
We are
children of earth and sky
DNA descendant and ancestor
human being physical spirit
bone flesh blood as spirit
We are
in time and space
but we're from beyond time and space
the past is part of the present
the future is part of the present
life and being are interwoven
We are
DNA of Earth, Moon, planets, stars
we are related to the universal
Creator created creation
spirit and intelligence with clarity
being and human as power
We are human being
and these memories are trying
to remind us
human beings human beings
it is time to rise up
remember who we are
-John Trudel-


Queen Latifa, known as a rapper, actress and now she launches her own fragrance,
Queen by Queen Latifa
Celebs never can stick to one thing....wonder how it smells, royalty?!

I've written before about our Mr. SFFRMKRS, but apparently he's also spinnin records!


You must now the song Rap das Armas....you know, once you've heard it, it stays on your mind kind of song. Well DJ Quintino made a new single, Heaven, and we attended the release party.

And ofcourse some support of his collegues.....



- Life is a journey that's what people say,
you've ups and downs, but you'll always find you're way.
Meeting other complex creations on this earth,
sometimes make this life even more worth.
You will witness the unpredictable path of life,
when you look into the deep water and take a dive.
Don't be jealous or hatefull towards the people around you,
it overshadows your "me" and blurs your view.
It is not about arrogance of being great,
this is called believe in yourself and have faith. -



Sand, Blue Ocean & Palmtrees

Anse Source d'Argent, Seychelles

Mnemba Island Zanzibar, Tanzania

Pink Sand Beaches, Barbuda

Whitehaven Whitsunday Islands, Australia

On which breath taking beach can we find you this summer?


Only the Brave Fragrance

The NewSh*t congratulates
L'Oréal Paris with their
100 years of legendary beauty!



Jeremih Birthday Sex

''Tell me where you want your gift''

Owh MAii Gawd!! Halle Berry & Jamie Foxx...
I see a Hand Job and Grabbing ASS On TV..!!!!

Bradley Cooper

He's To CUTE!!!
Cristiano Ronaldo tucked a flower behind his ear!
And his shorts....
Ohw Maii GAWD!! That's so GAY..!!