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Wanna Beer?!

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Ciara ft Ludacris

As always this Booty poppin tomboy makes it hot!
Work It Baby!


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Besides the fact that this man is an amazing singer, songwriter/producer and a good looking man, Lenny Kravitz he loves photography. 
In this months Issue of the Russian Vogue features some of Mr. Kravitz work.

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Dearest Readers,
Sorry that we haven't posted in a very long time, but we promise, a lot of good and exciting stuff are on the way! 
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So we have noticed a lot of new singles were released over the last month and there is one video in particular that popped out for us. Don't know if it was because she sang in a different kind of genre, or the amazing styling of the video! It's good too see a different style then just the 14 inch high heels, the big shades and couture pieces on the screen!
And she always pulls it off, the always innovating Kelis!

Kelis - Acapella

Producer: David Guetta
Video Directors: Fashion Photographers Rankin & Chris Cottam
Jewellery: Rodrigo Otazu

Album Release Flesh Tone: June 22nd


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Trey Songz

We believe that Trey Songz is among
the most promising R&B artists of all time.
He has the voice, the songs, the intelligence,
the soul, and the charisma of a true star.
and believe it or not....
Yuuuppp! Mr Songz is coming to Amsterdam!!!!!
The ''Prince of Virginia''
Do I need to say more?
Just get your ticket and don't miss out!


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C.L. Collection Dedicated to Man..
These pointy studs make those sneakers very modern,
and these are also what make this footwear design look tough yet still, very chic.
I can't help but be amazed on its design as it has transformed from a simple sneaker 
un to a classic tough modern footwear design, LOVE it!
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Jaydee Tucker

We have written before about Miss Tucker, when she participated at the Streetlab 2008 in Amsterdam. I know Miss Jaydeecakes for many years and when it comes to style, there is no one more different then her, without looking extreme over-the-top-want-to-push-my-fashion-too-much-out-there-look-like-a-madwoman appereance! 
Interested in what this designer is made of?
Go check out her small collection @ www.welikefashion.com