Bond no. 9

Besides their exclusive perfumes, Bond no. 9 also have a line of skin care. They're very proud to announce their new addition, Bodies by Bond collection, 24/7 New York Liquid Silk.
8 define body lotions that soothe the skin in a city that never sleeps!


Maison Martin Margiela

One of my favorite designers launched their furnuture prototypes at the furnuture and design exhibition Salon del Mobile. So besides draping yourself in their designs, maybe in the future, you can have your own Maison Martin Margiela!

If you're a big fan of Chanel....and I know a lot of people are and you're happen to be in Tokyo, than this is a must see! Chanel opened their first freestanding beauty store. The 1.506 square foot store, has been designed by Peter Marino. With a lot of mirrors, black, white and beige, signatures the Chanel store.

Nneka Heartbeat

Last week I was chillin with my friends, zapping and we saw this video. Love the song! Even though it is old....just wanted to give my props for it!
Bond no. 9

Just in time for Mothers day, Bond no. 9 teamed up with Swarovski again to bring out these Limited Edition Collectibles,
Nuits de Noho, The Scent of Peace and Chelsea Flowers.

These 3 beloved fragrances will now be available housed in 50 ml bottle completely crystallized with 1000 of Swarovski crystals, so tiny, that together they shimmer and gleam as one.

Launch date: May 2009
Available at: 50 ml for $500 at Bond no. 9 boutiques
+1 887 273 3369


LV. Sneakers By K. West.
I Just needed to post this again..
Cause I digg these !!! FOR REAL!

Louis Vuitton sneakers by Kanye West
Kanye West | Amber Rose


Diamond studded Skull Ring

I have a thing with skulls..
This I Really Like..!
It has real diamonds,
Diamonds set in 18kt white gold plated with black rhodium.
Striking 18 karat white gold and black rhodium ring features 75 diamonds (0.79ct), 228 brown diamonds (1.84ct) and 226 semi-precious stones (4.35ct)

Still moments happen in a heartbeat...
yet linger in memory for a lifetime.



Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin does Sneakers...
You know we need to get me A PAIR of THOSE FOR SURE!
I have seen hair cuts before, but this.... F*CKING COOL..! You may have seen these pictures on other blogs, but i needed to post this.. this hair cut is more then one word. im searching for to suscribe it..

Cassie ROCKS!



Restaurant Club
After a lovely Spring day, we ended at Club Rex in Hilversum. I have to tell this club looks amazing! It reminded me of the States...don't know why, but just gave me that feeling. It is not just a club, but also a restaurant. How convenient! ;)
Sappig Productions had a party over there, we had fun big time! We danced the night away on the hits of the 80's and 90's. Maybe we're a bit young, but we grew up with those songs! So we could still sing our lungs out! Hahahahah


Hush Hush
3rd Anniversary
Sunday night, not ready for sleep and in the mood for a party? Hush Hush at Jimmy Woo is the place to be in Amsterdam on a sunday night!
Even though it had a very rough start in the first year it became a huge succes. In the beginning it started early in the evening around 8 and it was very quiet, no rows at the doors, we know our crowd kind of people, but good concept. And boy oh boy it paid off! After 3 years, crowded as hell at the door, good mixture of people and a party was born! I give my props for the brothers of Enter Dexter, as I know one of them ( see picture above ) from my high school period. They truly know how to throw a party!


Link EnterDexter
Streetlab Pioneers

Sunday, sort of good weather, can't complain, so what to do? Streetlab Pioneers! I've written before about this platform for creative minds and now they have events on a regular base. And today was one of them.
They held a talkshow, but to me it seemed more like a debate about how different is the fashion in Amsterdam compared to Paris or New York? Because there were a lot of different opinions about it. To me....I think a lot! And they also talked about, that a lot of fashion blogs are the same and not individual enough. Well thank god...we're not a fashion blog...we like to write about everything, yes it's true, we do write a lot about fashion, because that's the industry we work in, but there's more than just fashion.

Snelle Jelle behind the table!


I was on my friends, Kat, profile and this song started to play. The lyric and the sound are a little bit sad, but strong words!!!!


Beautiful weather, Meeuwse,
I am NY, Comedy theatre, ARC, JUICE

The sun is shining, Spring has started and I was ready to hit town to enjoy the weather! My plan was to go to I am NY at Waterlooplein, that started at 6.....so dinner first at Meeuwse. Can't enjoy with an empty stomach! The clock was ticking and hitting 8. I was suppose to meet some friends, but they were slowly on the move, which really annoyed me, so with an irritated mind I set off to Waterlooplein, because I didn't want to miss it. On my way there, had a fight with my friend on the phone, so basically my evening didn't start very well :(

Anyway, finally there....missed the whole thing. Everybody was in a good mood, but I could'nt enjoy anymore, so what to do next? Comedy Theatre! Yes comedy theatre! At Meeuwse some girls asked to join this show for tonight. So why not?! I could use some laughter now. Apparently it was the new show of Javier Guzman that airs at Veronica. Not really sure if I like it...

Ok done over there....finally with my friends pfffffff! On my way to the ARC, I met my friend, with who I had a fight with and he was in the neighborhood, and said sorry...hahahha So I had my smile back on my face again! LOL like always at the ARC and we thought why should 'nt we end it with JUICE at Club Home.

So at the end of the day...It was crazy but FUN! And I was soooo bumped out that I did'nt had my camera with me!!!!! :( :( Well I'll always have it in my mind and now online!

Carpe Diem!