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Mischa Barton

Maybe you already know, but I did'nt untill I read it at WWD about Mischa Barton has her own handbag collection, which she does for Ri2K, but now she also has her own headband collection for Stacy Lapidus. WHAT?! Yeah you heard me....the celebs keep on going producing their own thing. If I like it....not really sure about that. There is one thing....I really hate those headbands.....sorry :( Ok let me put it this way.......last summer it was sort of a trend to wear those things around your head...fine by me...the only thing is, because it has been launched as a trend...some girls think that they can just wear it...even though it simply don't suit them. Oh oh oh.....just because something is a trend, doesn't mean that everybody can wear it. But ok...who am I? Definitley not fashion police....hahahahha so anyway.....for all ya OC groupies....get you Mischa Barton Accesoires!!!! 

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There she is again...but now for Louis Vuitton  Mo√ęt Hennessy jewellery brand. 
Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier.


Imagehunters || LL || The NewSh*t

So after a lovely shopping spree in town, LL called to say that she was going to do a photoshoot this late afternoon. Ofcourse  I did'nt say no....so I dropped by.

I met this guy  Martijn from Imagehunters.....and he was the one that was doing the shoot. He also showed us his portfolio. I can say it was truly amazing. His website is almost finished, so when it is I will definitley write about it again!

Between the shoots...LL and I made our own photoshoot hahahah.....yeah we gotta do something to stop the boredom ;p Like always  we had fun! Good conversations! LOL!

Hahah LOL with this picture....it shows that Miss LL was attending The Newsht party! 

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Ho ho ho.....Christmas is only a couple of days away from us. So what are you going to do? Spend it with family....friends...new partner...alone...in the sun....with snow...? You tell me.
Well I'm gonna spend Christmas with my mom and brother. My mom sort of demanded it..hahahaha, cause I haven't been spending christmas for years at home...so this time it is a good idea to be with family!
So people....I wish you a very Good Christmas with a lot of laughter!!!!! Very important!!!!! Do whatever you like....and enjoy everything around you!
-XOXO- and Merry Christmas from The NewSh*t


Topshop || Kate Moss

This trendsetting beauty queen keeps on doing good bussines at Topshop. Even though...and I know it's too bad BOOHOO!!.....we don't have the store here in Holland, but when we're in a country that does have the store....we shop till we drop! Maybe if we wish really hard...we will have one....one day! ;)




Last week I had dinner at one of my dearest friends Chiara. I met her 4 years ago in a club, a year later I worked with her and 2 years later she became a Mommy! She has one of the most beautiful voices in the world! She really sounds like an angel!

I haven't seen her for a while, but when I see her, it feels like I saw her yesterday and nothing has changed. We keep the LOL alive together! She cooked me this Moluccan dish and it was delicious....and ofcourse we talked for hours! It's good to see you again, "Lil" Sis!!! To many more adventures!

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You are cordially invited to Rafael's 18th B-day!

Yes it is raining birthday's this month! And this time we celebrated Rafael's 18th birthday at Jimmy Woo! We laughed, sang and danced our ass off!! LOL!!!! Here a glimpse of the night!

It was definitley a memorable 18th bday! Hope you had fun! So to many more then, my little brother!

-XOXO- Fam'Lay!


Back to work again!

Ok today is my last day to relax and it's almost over. I really don't mind, because I really missed my job....For real! So last week I didn't do that much. Tuesday was my birthday.....yes I celebrated my 25th year! And the funny part is, I always loved to throw a party or at least pop some champagne at midnight, but this year was different. I was'nt feelin it....at all! So I just had a simple dinner with my friends.
And rest of the week I was just chillin. Did absolutely nothing! I did visit one of my dear friends Chiara. She became a Mommy couple of months ago...So this was my first time to see her very little babygirl! She was adorable!
So my week of freedom is over......and back to work again!


"The Hunter" goes to Real Madrid

As you all may not know....but since I was a little girl, I watch football. Yes not many girls watch that game, but I do find it interesting and I know the rules of the game! Plus I do know what offside is! Hehehe And I definitley don't watch it for the players.....pfffff...don't tell me about that. Let's just say I grew up with that sport.
But anyway....I'm from Amsterdam and ofcourse a huge Ajax fan! So now our striker Huntelaar is leaving Amsterdam for Madrid. If I'm correct he is the 6th Dutch player added to this team. He has been, ofcourse still is, a great value to the Dutch League, that has rewarded several times for player of the year and highest goal scorer!
So good luck to you!

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Madonna in new Louis Vuitton ad

Photo: Steven Meisel

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World Aids Day

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Silent Movie || Coco Chanel

Silent movies...tja....really very ol'school! I do remember I had it once in class, we went to this theatre here in Amsterdam called Carre and we watched a silent movie with an orchestra. It had it's charme.....Anyway...according to Mr. Lagerfeld silent movies are coming back again...as we do a lot of textmessaging and e-mailing. So therefore upcoming wednesday this 10 minute silent movie goes in premiere in Paris. It is a homage to Miss Coco Chanel....Yes we love the brand Chanel and Lagerfeld......but how did she do that back in the early ´20 as a woman.

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David LaChapelle

New expo coming up next year!

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