I Adore...

Mira Duma, as always looking fashionable refreshing.



Yessss, I have it too

I Adore: Hedi Slimane

Saint Laurent Salon

Linda Evangelista

I have always adored Linda Evangelista when it came to models when I was just a young girl. And she still looks great! Nice to see why she's absolutely a Top model.

Photographed by: Steven Klein

Christian Louboutin

A Cinderella story
"She wears Louboutin"

Inspired by Walt Disney, Louboutin designed the Cinderella shoe. It's an homage to the fantastic creator of this story.

Lana del Rey for H&M


Tatted Up

Neil Barrett

Black leather/rubber shoes with a vintage look. 
You see so many high top sneakers for men nowadays, but I adore these, cause they have such a different look. Really edgy, yet sophisticated. It will look great with anything!

Esquire || David Beckham

David Beckham, soccer player, husband and father. 
Most women will break their neck when this stunning appearance passes you by. So what a delight that he covers the new issue of Esquire and with some great editorials, we give our eyes ( and mind haha LOL ) a big treat, while reading this men's magazine.

Interview Magazine

Mila Kunis
James Franco

FRANCO: You started acting at a really young age, right?

KUNIS: I was 9 years old when I started.

FRANCO: How did that happen?

KUNIS: I came to the States in 1991. I was around 7 and a half at the time. By the time I was in fourth grade, I spoke English pretty fluently, but, believe it or not, I was shy, and my parents wanted me to make some friends. They both worked all the time, and on the weekends my brother or my grandparents took care of me, so my parents were looking for an outlet for me, like art classes or karate, and on the radio it was advertised that there was a place for kids to meet other kids called Beverly Hills Studio. My parents took me there, and it ended up being a showcase. The people there were like, "Yeah, your kid's got it!" Although, at that point, every kid has got it. They were like, "Write us a check and your kid will be a star." So my dad was like, "Uh . . . yeah . . . No thanks. Good-bye." And left. I don't know why my mom did what she did—if you talk to her, she'll say that she had a gut feeling—but she took out the checkbook and wrote a check for $400 for me to take acting classes. So I did, and two or three weeks go by, and Susan Curtis, who is my manager to this day, was driving by and saw a bunch of cute kids. She pulled in and was like, "I'm a talent manager," and they're like, "How fortuitous. We're doing a showcase tomorrow at 6 p.m." She was like, "I'll be there." So the short of it was that my parents told me, "Listen, we can't afford this. We work full-time. We can't do this. We're so sorry. We don't understand these auditions. We don't get this." But I did the showcase, and these agents and managers started to call, so my dad said, "Okay, this is your decision. If you want to do this, then you pick the person who you feel connected with the most." So I picked Susan. She took me on my first audition the next day, and I ended up getting it. It was a Barbie commercial. That's how it started.


I Adore....

- " Fashion fades,
only Style remains the same "  -

Coco Chanel

Usher ft Rick Ross || Lemme See

- Hey girl, I'm debating if I should take you home
Should I take you home?
I don't mean to keep you waiting
But I just gotta know
If you're ready

She says she wanna take her skirt off
Be my guest!
I decided to take my shirt off
And show my chest!
And we been sipping on that Merlot
So you know what's next
Perfect intermissions, switching positions
We so explicit oh! -


Catching Moments


The Attic - Dusseldorf

Since 1 1/2 month ago I moved to the south of Holland. For a Big city girl like me, it was a big change, but when you love someone dearly, any place is good enough to live at. Anyway luckily we have Dusseldorf nearby and what a great city is that! Great stores, bars, restaurants and clubs. On one of the German websites, I saw that an acquaintance of mine had to DJ there. The perfect opportunity to discover the nightlife of this new town in my life. It was a Hip Hop night and I had a great night at The Attic! Looking forward to discover some more hotspots!

Most Fashionable Footballer Award 2012

One year ago I met the love of my love at this award show, so for us coming back to this place, meant something special. And this year also my cousin Stefano Lilipaly was nominated, double worth the shot to come and take a look. Unfortunetly I had to leave the award show, due to some family situation. Family comes first, no matter what.