Manolo Blahnik || Lane Crawford

I was just thinkin'  since the weather isn't that warm yet and I do adore scarfs, what do you think about these ones? First sight not really my thing, but in some sort of way I like them. Or maybe it's a great gift for your friends who is addicted to shoes!

Spring + Summer = Sun

Dark days are over and time for some light in our lifes. The weather has been so great for the last couple of days in Amsterdam, I can not wait for the summer to start. And when you think about Spring/Summer, ofcourse SUN is the first thing that pops into my mind, second thing is wearing light colorful clothes even though I always wear black, during summer time. I seriously need to rehab from black! Also dresses comes to my mind. I have never been actually a dress kind of lady, but now I'm getting older, I like the whole sophisticated look But please girls, don't dress like old woman in their 50's! I just mean...some girls cna look so much classy nowadays, cause that whole hoochie look was never in and will never be. But back to SUN!.....there is another way to play with color and that's ofcourse MAKE UP! Draw colorful lines and brighten those luscious lips, Dare to be different and stand out of the crowd.

Kate Moss for Supreme

For this i-D Magazine Royalty Issue Kate Moss for Surpreme, to create a bigger hype why you should really wear this brand. Enclosed in this issue you will find an interview with James Jebbia, founder and owner of Supreme.



Catching Moments


Caught on camera

V Magazine

Kroes vs. Lima
Mario Testino

Longboard Girls Crew

Seriously I find this soooo F*CKING DOPE!!!!

Longboard Girls Crew (LGC) was created by a group of girls who were tired of always being a minority among male dominated crews and understood that something had to be done, within the world of longboarding, to fill this void: an international female longboarding community. These girls realized that when they skated together the vibe was different, they felt more confident, relaxed and couldn’t help but think that the same thing was happening everywhere else. So, why not encourage this kind of encounter to take place more often? Where are girls hanging out and how can we get them together?




Cassius Eyewear


Due to some lovely sunny days and spring almost has arrived, we all wanna look fresh and clean when the more cheerful seasons are upon us. And what are one the most important items you definitely need???
Sunglasses ofcourse! I have written before about this cool brand Cassius Eyewear. I think it's looks young, edgy, sophisticated and with a lot of style. 
So everyone get yours!!!!


Johnny Swing

Get more out of your MONEY

We all love money, some people more then others, but at the end of the day we all need it to survive in this world. So for the moneygrubbers among us artist Johnny Swing designed some furniture made out of nickels. On the pictures below this couch has been made out of 4000 nickels! 


Monica & Brandy - It all Belongs to Me

Can you imagine, it's already 14 years ago when Brandy & Monica released the hit song "The Boy is Mine"! Wow I LOVED that song!!!! And now they hooked up again. Welcome back Ladies!

Director: Chris Robinson

Cassie || King of Hearts Party

Bad Boy, Interscope & Ciroc
King of Hearts
at L'Arc Paris


Mademoiselle || Orange Babies || Cointreau

Yesterday we received an invitation from Miss Covergirl Sunny to attend the Mademoiselle event at Little Buddha. They also supported Orange Babies Foundation this night and every Cointrau-politan drink ( 5 euro ) purchase went to this charity. The nice part of this event was that different brands showed a small piece of their collection, but it wasn't just about clothes, also bags, hair and make up styling tips, even a massage table was ready to give you a moment of relaxation. So a little bit of everything.

As you can see I only have 2 pictures shown and there's a reason for that. I attended the event with my lovely friend Mr. Bradley Miles. A couple of weeks ago he and good friend Miss Claudia Steendam launched their own website: http://www.insiderunited.com/  And you people should really check it out! Cause it's FABOLOUS! Anyway, pictures of the event, you can see it on their website.


Jennifer Lopez for V Magazine

48 Hours with Diddy

Can you imagine if you would travel all the time, hosting parties, performing, producing, running a multi-million business and still looking Fresh?? That's the life of Diddy. This mastermind knows what he wants and gets what he wants.

Catching Moments


Models, models.....do get Ready


I do Adore....

Just love the combination of different fabrics. The silk pants combined with leather boots and jackets. Black has never been this black before and to highlight it with a touch of red. No wonder everybody loved this collection.


Think like a Man

Yessss this spring we can enjoy this feel good movie! Go and watch it with your hubby, boo boo or hot date...

District 9

Amsterdam has a new Men store, called District 9. Location is at one of the best shopping area's, 9 straatjes.
If you 're in Amsterdam you should definitely visit the great stores and cozy restaurants.