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I call this my Carpe Diem Weekend!

OMG What a Weekend! 
I'm not gonna tell you guys the whole story, cause it's way to much plus, we like to keep certain things personal, but let me give you some keywords:

Club Home
7 AM
3 Rooms
Ice Cream
Chocolate Bar
8 Ball
25% sleep

I've made some pictures with my BB, so sorry for the quality! 
But catching moments is still my favorite thing to do!

Love goes out to Kat & Carita!
The NewSh*t

RnB Lounge

Hope ya'll had a great, enjoyable, LOL time!
Up to the next Party!


The NewSh*T

Alexander Wang  
Only a great mind can afford a simple style..
it's seems like the 90's are back..

 love it!

god bless.x


The NewSh*T

RnB Lounge*****
Friday March the 19th
Finaly we have done it, our own party..!
A brand new Concept!
An exclusive night..
The Best Urban Eclectic Artists!
Granmaster Issy - Jay B - Duane Franklin
LL - Drew Hefner - Alain Kuipers
Hosted by. Isabella Virginia & Sylvia Geersen
We will celebrate this 1th edition with a special guest appearance.

To be held at Amsterdam's sexiest Club
Rain Amsterdam B.V.
Rembrandtplein 44

DressCode: Fresh, Sexy & Chic | Fashion Forward

For VIP;
** Call or text -- +31626379746**
EMAIL: ki-mi@thenewsht.com

Dont be shy, you can contact us with any questions or comments you might have! Our Parties are 21+ and are very strict. We want everyone to have a good time!

With Kindest Regards, 

MF Productions


You've got mail!
Zadig & Voltaire

Look what'I got today!
The new Zadig & Voltaire, one of my favorite brands, SS 2010 newspaper!!!!
I'm so happy they've opened a store here in Amsterdam. The new collection looks great!
Can't wait to add some nice pieces to my wardrobe ;)


The NewSh*T 
Getting Inked
It Will Be On You Forever
But i love love love love IT!

Its like freedom of expression on your body..
like for example someone you lost, a part of your heritage, or something that means a lot to you or if placed in a strategic location, 
who cares if something important to you is on you forever? 
That’s the point!

God Bless.. PEACE
The NewSh*T

Masha Novoselova  
Black & White Fix
 It's no secret i'm completely obsessed with all things black & white..
maybe because i'm half black, half asain who knows ;-) LOL!
So here's Todays B&W fix, Mrs Masha Novoselova looking fierce rocking those black pants 'I want them'!!
and not to forget nude.
photo by. Txema Yeste
Stylist: Alberto Murtra



The NewSh*T

My Play List of The DAY!
Heej Wussup Everybody.. hope your all good, 
today i wanted to share my music playlist with you guys!
I know your all wondering what in the heck ..
But today im so bored.. bored of todays world!
so here it goes..;

 * Kid Cudi ft. MGMT | Pursuit of Happiness
* LMFAO | Yes
* Deadmau5 | Ghosts N Stuff
* Oasis | Wonderwall
* 30 seconds to mars | Attack
* Fallout Boy | Dance Dance
* Trey Songz | Neighbours know my name
* Agnes | Release Me
* Kings of Leon | Sex on fire
* Maroon 5 | Wake up call
* Daniel Bedingfield | If you're not the one
* MGMT | Electric Feel
* The knife | Heartbeats
* Queen | Don't stop me now

So thats it for now..
 I just wanted to share this with all of you, 
I LOVE YOU GUYS, Thank you so much for your support and rocking with me, 
It's DOESN'T go unappreciated at all and this is only the beginning there's BIG things in the making and more to come fashion, life style and music wise, 
coming sooner than you know... 
I'm out. god bless. Peace


The NewSh*T

Bitterzoet Amsterdam

Hot Damn!

When we heard that Clipse was coming to Amsterdam, we started to make some calls and sending emails, so that we could see this! We wouldn't miss it! Didn't matter to us that it was held in a small club, I mean it is Clipse! Reason enough to see these boys live on stage!
So peepz enjoy the vids!!!!!!


Mr. Me Too

The NewSh*T
Trey Songz
Neighbors Know my Name

OMG Whats up with this dude! Keep making those sexy video's!!!!
But who cares....he's a HOT SEXY MOTHERFLOWER!!!!