I Do Adore:

Harley Davidson

Spotted at the P.C. Hooftstraat, Amsterdam NL



Eleven Paris
Life is a Joke


Manor Eden Hotel

Due to our 7th year anniversary of Sappig! and the Secret Bday Bash of Sylvia Geersen held at The Sopranos Pianobar, part of the Eden Hotel, we went to their newest asset, The Manor Hotel. The building was an old hospital and it's such a beautiful estate, that making a hotel out of it isn't such a bad idea.


Carine Roitfeld
by Karl Lagerfeld
Interview Magazine

Karl Lagerfeld, long-time friend and fellow multi-hyphenate, spoke with Roitfeld in late July in Paris.

KARL LAGERFELD: How far can you take an image?
CARINE ROITFELD: I think that when you're taking pictures with my principles, you can try anything. Dare to do a lot of things—dare with sexuality, dare to break taboos as long as it remains photogenic. As long as I find an elegance and beauty in it, I am not afraid to tackle anything.

LAGERFELD: I think it was Marlow who said, "There is no beauty without some strangeness in the proportions."
ROITFELD: Exactly. I think that something needs to be weird in order to have a real beauty. Beauty can be quite boring, especially if you're talking about beauty that doesn't last. And what lasts is exactly the thing that maybe wasn't pretty at first—it comes over time to be beautiful or interesting or exciting—

- Some who aren't the most beautiful end up becoming the greatest of all time. -

LAGERFELD: Do you surf the internet?

LAGERFELD: Me neither. Never. Besides, I don't even want to have things associated with my name on the internet—it's very dangerous.
ROITFELD: Is there a fake Karl Lagerfeld Twitter account?

ROITFELD: There's one for me, too. Everything is fake.

LAGERFELD: I am not a fake . . . I hope.
ROITFELD: I don't have a Facebook account.

LAGERFELD: I know enough people. We're happy with the people we know, right? That's enough for us.
ROITFELD: It's insane. The internet is becoming more interesting, though. I think the quality of the image on iPads now is extraordinary. What if tomorrow I had to create a magazine? What I hope I would do is something new, but I still love print. I love to touch paper. I'm not sure if I will ever do a magazine again, but I have plenty of ideas on the subject.

LAGERFELD: The only advice I can give is to never lock yourself down. It's all about being free.

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I do Adore: Rick Owens

I think it's daring to design a whole collection for men, which is based on dresses. And I LOVE it! Ofcourse you won't see the average men walking around in those clothes, but some men can pull this look off. Remember Vin Diesel wearin the Scotish leather skirt? I LOVED that, I thought it looked great on him.
Wondering who has the gust to wear one of these looks!

Less is more....

Kanye West spotted at London Fashion Week.
Adore it when men dress like this, nothing better than jeans, white T and some dope sneakers.



Inspire me New York

source: Tommy Ton for Style.com



Cassie....as always, lookin beautiful, hot and dope! 
Can't wait for her next album coming out, early 2012.


Ready to Cut, Shave, Trim and Moisturize???

We all know that women can spend hours in their bathrooms, to do all kinds of stuff to their bodies, just to look fabolous or to feel all fresh and clean. Nowadays it's not even weird to share those moments in the bathroom with a man doing some steps together. Are they gay?! Absolutley not! They just wanna look great and want to present themselves to the world as men that can take care of themselfs. And honestly women...don't we like it when men, are shaved, trimmed or cut all over their bodies, just a bit?!  ;-) lol!


Big Sean
ft. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash
Marvin & Chardonnay

Lil´Wayne Tha Carter IV
Release Party