Know this...

If the beautiful cherry blossoms no longer will grow,
and there are no mountains covered with snow

If the stars would fall out of the amazing sky,
and smart dolphins are no longer dippin' by

If the feedin water runs dry on planet earth,
and any species aren't able to give the wonders of birth

Just always know this in the depths of your heart
Wherever there's an end there's also a new start

Love Kimberlee


Away Project

The French National Team has a Away kit that presented by Nike last month, but now the collection is complete and features also Chanel, Colorware, Comme des Garçons, Hermès, Ladurée, Longchamp, MontBlanc, Swatch, Trousselier, Yves Saint Laurent. The theme is marinière, all the items are striped ;)
You can order the goods at http://www.colette.fr/ 


Elizabeth Taylor
27 February 1932 – 23 March 2011


Catching Moments

Yessssss.....Jägerland Tour is about start! The kick off will be at Pip, The Hague. Like always free entrance, but only if you subscribe at http://www.jagerland.nl/ and you must be 21 or older. Jägerland has some great artists lined up for you:

Sick Girls

16th of April 2011
PIP, The Hague
11.00pm till 04.00am

Enjoy! And see you there!

Let me introduce you:
Svenja Specht

Svenja Specht is a fashion designer and owner of the Berlin based fashion label Reality Studio.
See below the video how she talks about her work at the studio, the creative process and how that is connected to collaborations with some of her friends, like contemporary artist Jen Ray, Graphic designer Julie Gayard and Onitsuka Tiger



Erin Wasson

The amazingly beautiful Erin Wasson combined with one of my favorite brands, makes me feel like a little kid in a candystore :)


Jessie J

Another angelic voice has revealed itself on planet earth and goes by the name Jessie J.
I'm not gonna write anything else, just listen.

Mademoiselle Blake Lively pour Chanel

I always watch Gossip Girl and when I saw Blake Lively on the screen, I knew she was different than others, this IT-Girl has IT all. No wonder Mr. Karl Lagerfeld  casted her for the new Chanel Mademoiselle campagne. Like always she's trés jolie!

"Smokin" Hot Kate Moss

My all time favorite model Kate Moss had the luxury to be rebellious again.
The request came from fashion house Louis Vuitton itself.
Smokin'on the catwalk!



I'm not a huge fan of big accessories, but j'adore these ones :)
Kirsty Ward has a unique way of making her jewelry, it's raw, edgy, very fashionable jewelry to wear.
So wanna make difference? Try these....

check out more:

Steve McQueen Limited Edition

Persol always had their own kind of allure when it comes to sunglasses. And I Love these Steve McQueen Limited Edition. This actor became huge in the 60's and 70's and him wearing those sunglasses, became a hit and still is.

And do you wanna know something cool? I'm a huge fan of Vampire Diaries. Jeremy Gilbert played by cutiepie Steven McQueen is actually the grandson of this Legend!


This car is seriously one of the HOTTEST cars I've ever seen!
To me it has it all!
So hopefully one day.......I can ride this hot beast and own it!