No-one Ever Really Dies

Ok…so it’s like 3 o’clock in the afternoon on this rainy day during summertime, yes welcome to Holland, and I’m sitting behind my computer and my friend, my co-blogger Mr. Gray is telling me that N.E.R.D is in town! WTF...! Totally forgot about that...bad me, I know...but anyway, he calls up our dearest friend LL and see if she could arrange something. Finally 4 hours later I hear the exciting news....WE WERE GOING! YEAH! But then after 2 hours BAD news.....Yes I can hear your brain calculate about the time. The concert began after midnight at 1, therefore all those hours. But uuhhmmm where was I...oh yes bad news. We had a problem with the amount of tickets. So stubborn that we are, we gave it a shot and went to the Melkweg and thought if we’re not gonna try, we’ll never know. There we are standing in the pouring rain, waiting. At 12 the doors opened and I went to the counter for the guest list en yes there she said it. We needed just 1 more ticket! Just one! And the concert was sold out! Ok with the help of a little bit of this and a little bit of that we ALL could go in....I’m not gonna tell you how we did it, some things you just have to keep private. But we High-Fived on it!

We decided to stand on the balcony, what gave us a good view of everything, besides that, I assumed that there would be a lot of bouncing around, cause N.E.R.D have their Rockish flavour of sound and second of all, we could also avoid the smelly armpits when all those arms go up and down when Pharrell is telling you to do so.

Finally....the lights turned down and Boom! Bright light and there they are with the whole band. The smart and creative Chad Hugo behind his small synthesizer wearing a greenish T with a dope print that had 2 spots and a curve line, which represent a smiley, jeans, sneakers, black sunglasses and a beige coif, then the down to earth looking boy Shay Haley wearing a simple black T, jeans and sneakers and last but not least Mr. Pharrell-confident-about-my-so-called-hotness-Williams wearing a skinny jeans, yessir!, white T with car print, beige jersey which he took off after the 1st song, because it was way to hot wearing it, light blue Vans, dark blue cap and bling watch and earrings.
The concert was a combination of songs from all 3 albums. Although I wished they performed more from their new album Seeing Sounds. The crowd was just sooo happy to see them again or maybe even for a first time. The vibe was good and everybody was jumping around, singing a long, screaming their lungs out, especially the girls of course and yes some of them could go on stage, everything of all that good what gives you goosebumps and a satisfied feeling when you walk out of that venue singing so loud because you just experienced the simplicity of joy with N.E.R.D.They still rocked the Melkweg and no Pharrell we were NOT at the Paradiso like you said, dummie!

As a final surprise during Lapdance, one of my favorite rappers came on stage, YESSIR! Common. He performed earlier that night at Paradiso and I guess because The Neptunes produced some of his songs, they probably joined him at Paradiso, which also explains why the concert was held so late. But I’m just guessing.
Before we knew it was 02:15AM and yes we were singing on the streets getting our asses home. We had LOL and maybe we’ll see you soon...but till then StarTrak Baby!

“Well its a little bit of us, a whole lot of you, and we just came here to see what it do”

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