Barbie turning 50 and hits Fashion

Yep Barbie is turning 50....not that you can tell hehe, but to celebrate this succesful toy business, they are plannig a runway show in February during Fashion Week in New York. With 50 as-yet-undisclosed designers who will produce life-size outfits inspired by Barbie. So now you can even match with your doll! Plus they will launch a beauty line with names like "All Doll'd up" and "Plastic Smooth". They also going to open a House of Barbie in Shanghai...where you can reminisce with or without your daughter about the amazing doll, almost every girl played with. I say almost, because for me I hated dolls! I'd rather played with cars and Lego or computer games.
So a lot of plans for this booming company Mattel Inc. But will the fashion industry love the idea...we will find out next year!

-XOXO- Ki-Mi

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