Fashion TV Party || Amsterdam

1st stop Fashion TV party in Amsterdam at Odeon!!!! That means beautiful make up, heels ( ok these 2 points are for Ki and not for Mi ofcourse ), model off duty look, nice hairdo and accesories!!!! What a blast we had! But...yes there's a but.....we expected it to be more fashion, like maybe a fashion show, more entertainment from pretty models keepin it fresh & sexy in hot looks etc etc. Anyways....boy oh boy we really kept the LOL alive out there! There were 2 different areas, one for the house and one for the Hip Hop, which made us very happy ;) And for real the DJ's rocked behind the tables! It was a good night out! We really seased the day!

Tiny bag, so much stuff!
Miss Mayday lookin HOT!
DJ Covergirl Sunny

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