Beautiful weather, Meeuwse,
I am NY, Comedy theatre, ARC, JUICE

The sun is shining, Spring has started and I was ready to hit town to enjoy the weather! My plan was to go to I am NY at Waterlooplein, that started at 6.....so dinner first at Meeuwse. Can't enjoy with an empty stomach! The clock was ticking and hitting 8. I was suppose to meet some friends, but they were slowly on the move, which really annoyed me, so with an irritated mind I set off to Waterlooplein, because I didn't want to miss it. On my way there, had a fight with my friend on the phone, so basically my evening didn't start very well :(

Anyway, finally there....missed the whole thing. Everybody was in a good mood, but I could'nt enjoy anymore, so what to do next? Comedy Theatre! Yes comedy theatre! At Meeuwse some girls asked to join this show for tonight. So why not?! I could use some laughter now. Apparently it was the new show of Javier Guzman that airs at Veronica. Not really sure if I like it...

Ok done over there....finally with my friends pfffffff! On my way to the ARC, I met my friend, with who I had a fight with and he was in the neighborhood, and said sorry...hahahha So I had my smile back on my face again! LOL like always at the ARC and we thought why should 'nt we end it with JUICE at Club Home.

So at the end of the day...It was crazy but FUN! And I was soooo bumped out that I did'nt had my camera with me!!!!! :( :( Well I'll always have it in my mind and now online!

Carpe Diem!

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