Gay Pride

One of the things that I'm surprised about is, that my generation and even the ones after me, are not that respectful or tolerant to their fellow. And you would think nowadays the racism is less than before. Or that they would be more open minded to other cultures or believes. Unfortunetley it is not. Even in the city where everything is possible, being a muli-cultural society, where the gays have their own street and clubs, where you can smoke weed, Amsterdam is not that open minded as it used to be, in my opinion.

Anyway, enough depressing news, because besides all that, the gay people still have their Gay Parade. Gays, Lesbians, Straight...doesn't matter, HUMANS, all dressed up and dancing, sailing on their decorated boats through the canals of Amsterdam.
Here some vids of the blockparties...yeah Amsterdam is celebrating their pride!

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