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My Play List of The DAY!
Heej Wussup Everybody.. hope your all good, 
today i wanted to share my music playlist with you guys!
I know your all wondering what in the heck ..
But today im so bored.. bored of todays world!
so here it goes..;

 * Kid Cudi ft. MGMT | Pursuit of Happiness
* LMFAO | Yes
* Deadmau5 | Ghosts N Stuff
* Oasis | Wonderwall
* 30 seconds to mars | Attack
* Fallout Boy | Dance Dance
* Trey Songz | Neighbours know my name
* Agnes | Release Me
* Kings of Leon | Sex on fire
* Maroon 5 | Wake up call
* Daniel Bedingfield | If you're not the one
* MGMT | Electric Feel
* The knife | Heartbeats
* Queen | Don't stop me now

So thats it for now..
 I just wanted to share this with all of you, 
I LOVE YOU GUYS, Thank you so much for your support and rocking with me, 
It's DOESN'T go unappreciated at all and this is only the beginning there's BIG things in the making and more to come fashion, life style and music wise, 
coming sooner than you know... 
I'm out. god bless. Peace

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