Lauren Conrad
a woman with ambition

Lauren Conrad, ( LC ) known from the serie Laguna Beach, followed by The Hills truly opened doors for her. In the serie you could watch her as an Fashion Intern for different companies.
The thing I really like about her is that she started her career after the show. 

She has written 3 novels, L.A. Candy, Sweet little Lies and Sweet and Spice. The last novel came along with her book called Style about her experiences in and her knowledge of the fashion industry as well as being a style guide.

Beside the books she also has 3 different fashion collections, The Lauren Conrad Collection, LC by Lauren Conrad and her latest collection Paper Crown will be launched in Fall 2011.
Fabric and paper is not the end for her, cause only a few days ago she went digital. www.thebeautydepartment.com is her latest project. Along with her hairstylist Kristin Ess and her makeup artist Amy Nadine she began the website to give people better advice when it come to looks.

So definitley a woman to keep an eye on, cause you're doing a GREAT job!

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