Club Brillant
Fool's Gold by Dennis Diem
Italia Independent Eyewear

As you all know, I'm not a really big fan of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week. So this year, there was an overlap between AIFW and Modefabriek. So I decided to see some shows and visit Modefabriek on 1 day. The AIFW closed it with the Brillant show and I honestly have to say, that I was a bit impressed, because, normally in my opinion, the clothes are not that great as in on a high level, compared to the big Fashion Weeks. So I was suprised and in a good way!

The show was divided in 2 settings. First the men came on, lights all dimmed, heads painted black, wearing glow in the dark glasses and nothing but a swimshort. The women on the other hand were dressed in the creations of Dennis Diem. Gold coloured outfits combined with black stockings, fur dresses, corsets, jackets accesorized in jewelry, but the best thing I saw on the runway, were the SHOES! Wow and nobody fell! pffff So props to the models for walking gracefully down the runway :-)

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