Carine Roitfeld
by Karl Lagerfeld
Interview Magazine

Karl Lagerfeld, long-time friend and fellow multi-hyphenate, spoke with Roitfeld in late July in Paris.

KARL LAGERFELD: How far can you take an image?
CARINE ROITFELD: I think that when you're taking pictures with my principles, you can try anything. Dare to do a lot of things—dare with sexuality, dare to break taboos as long as it remains photogenic. As long as I find an elegance and beauty in it, I am not afraid to tackle anything.

LAGERFELD: I think it was Marlow who said, "There is no beauty without some strangeness in the proportions."
ROITFELD: Exactly. I think that something needs to be weird in order to have a real beauty. Beauty can be quite boring, especially if you're talking about beauty that doesn't last. And what lasts is exactly the thing that maybe wasn't pretty at first—it comes over time to be beautiful or interesting or exciting—

- Some who aren't the most beautiful end up becoming the greatest of all time. -

LAGERFELD: Do you surf the internet?

LAGERFELD: Me neither. Never. Besides, I don't even want to have things associated with my name on the internet—it's very dangerous.
ROITFELD: Is there a fake Karl Lagerfeld Twitter account?

ROITFELD: There's one for me, too. Everything is fake.

LAGERFELD: I am not a fake . . . I hope.
ROITFELD: I don't have a Facebook account.

LAGERFELD: I know enough people. We're happy with the people we know, right? That's enough for us.
ROITFELD: It's insane. The internet is becoming more interesting, though. I think the quality of the image on iPads now is extraordinary. What if tomorrow I had to create a magazine? What I hope I would do is something new, but I still love print. I love to touch paper. I'm not sure if I will ever do a magazine again, but I have plenty of ideas on the subject.

LAGERFELD: The only advice I can give is to never lock yourself down. It's all about being free.

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