My New Years Greetings!

wishes you all the best 
that life can give you 
in 2012!!!!

2011 was a moving year for me.
So many things has happend, from the best moments in my life to the worst you can imagine. I have felt loved, but I have lost as well. I'm in love with love and always try to find the best for me, cause that's what every person deserves, the best! Understood the better meaning of friendship, some dissapointed me and some surprised me. Met some amazing new friends, but also lost old ones. Family has never been more important to me than ever, one in particular I seriously can't live without that I have tatted his name, my kidbrother.  This year was also the realisation that I haven't been in the hospital for 10 years now. For some that is normal, to me that is a blessing, my health is going well! I have worked my ass off, but was also a lazy ass from time to time. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, never be discouraged, and always believe in yourself  that you are capable to do anything you want. Live and let live, enjoy every moment, be grateful for what you have, appreciate the small things that life offers you, instead of always seeking for the materialistic world we live in nowadays. You can have all the money and pretty things in life, but if you're not happy with yourself, all of that is worthless! I try to learn from all of the above to become a better person each and every day. Cause that is what life means to me, to be a better version of yourself!

2012 has arrived and it can not be tamed!!

Your Dearest,

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