Spring + Summer = Sun

Dark days are over and time for some light in our lifes. The weather has been so great for the last couple of days in Amsterdam, I can not wait for the summer to start. And when you think about Spring/Summer, ofcourse SUN is the first thing that pops into my mind, second thing is wearing light colorful clothes even though I always wear black, during summer time. I seriously need to rehab from black! Also dresses comes to my mind. I have never been actually a dress kind of lady, but now I'm getting older, I like the whole sophisticated look But please girls, don't dress like old woman in their 50's! I just mean...some girls cna look so much classy nowadays, cause that whole hoochie look was never in and will never be. But back to SUN!.....there is another way to play with color and that's ofcourse MAKE UP! Draw colorful lines and brighten those luscious lips, Dare to be different and stand out of the crowd.

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