Confession Booth

Ok, I'm gonna be honest.
As you all may have noticed, I haven't been bloggin' that much and I know the reason why, is really lame for some people, because believe me, career/own life etc was always no.1 priority in my life, untill LOVE hit me so hard in the face, that the inspiration for being creative was much easier when I was a single woman. My mind doesn't go anywhere then, how can I build my future with this amazing man. It isn't about that I don't like bloggin' anymore, but as you all know, I only wright about things I like or bump in to. And my whole world has changed a lot, and the inspiring moments I have now is too private for me and the people around me, that I'm unable to blog about it.
I just wanted to share this with you, cause I'm still so much in love with my blog and I truly love doing it, so no worries I have great plans for the near future and believe me, they will come true!!!! So sorry for not being inspirational for you, my reader, but I'll do my best and it's really gonna be like my slogan:
"when I'm arriving with my #newshtinventedblog, it can definitely not be tamed!"

So untill that time, I will do my best and you keep on reading!

X Kimberlee

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