B-Boy Kid

Arrived at Leidsesquare at 11:30 PM on this amazing hot finally-having-the-feeling-it-is-summertime evening, waiting for my friend Kim to have a drink. On the square there was this Breakdance crew giving their great performance. I don’t know their crew name, sorry about that, but what I do know, is that these guys are B-boying for a very long time. Seen them for years, dancing in clubs, performing on the streets, basically they’re known in Amsterdam.

But my story isn’t actually about them. It is about this cute little B-boy Kid, age max 5, that was doing his thing. Yes you heard me correctly!!!!! A 5 YEAR OLD KID B-BOYING in the middle of Leidse square. He even had his own little cardboard to breakdance. He was spinning on his head, making the split, standing on his hands, real B-boying! The only sound that the audience made was….WOW!!!!!

So Big UP! for this B-boy Kid....! You are a talented person, hope one day you'll gonna shine even more and share it with the rest of the world!

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