Happy Birthday MONDAY!

Gosh...time goes fast and I realised it again, when a friend told me that MONDAY is celebrating their 1-year anniversary. I bet you're already thinkin, what the h%$#ll is MONDAY?! Well let me tell you very quikly.

It is a party/get together/whatever on MONDAY ( DUH! ) at Supperclub. Let's make this easier..this is what they say:
- "The synergy of creative people and the joyfull environment are the characteristics of MONDAY. Mix this with the no-nonsense and the "expect the unexpected" vibe from the chique Supperclub and you've got a brand new succesfull clubnight".- MONDAY

Let's just say my friends and I enjoy everytime! You can choose to relax on one of those big loungebeds or dance your feet of on House or Old school R&B music!
So Happy Birthday to you!
MONDAY clubnight
Supperclub lounge/club/restaurant
-XOXO- Ki-Mi

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