You are cordially invited to Mr. Gray's Sweet sumthin sumthin.....!

For real, there should have been a camera to tape it all! There was drama, LOL, alchohol, getting the wrong present, the right DJ's, friends and last but not least...a hotel. The first drama was that the VIP deck was not how it suppose to be, but eventually everything was fine! The second drama was that I..yes me.. almost didn't make it to the party, because it was held in Eindhoven, definitely NOT the city we're living in, but miles away, but luckily I arrived! The third was, that I still had his present. I bought shoes and he was going to wear them that night. So when I arrived....and gave it to him...it was the WRONG one!!!!!!! Oh oh oh oh .....gosh...! Ok so now it was'nt just only drama....we had sooo much fun with all of his friends! And there was free alcohol!!!! Then you know how everything can get. Hihihi! He picked out the DJ's because as you may know he works for Sappig ProductionS and it was their party...so 1+1= PARTYHARDY!!!!!Anyway......all that LOL ended at a hotel we stayed in, because we were such a wreck! So to give you a taste of that night....here you go...the PICTURES!

So my dearest friend....

Hope you had a wonderfull time! I wish you all the best of everything in life!

-XOXO- You know I love you


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