Mischa Barton

Maybe you already know, but I did'nt untill I read it at WWD about Mischa Barton has her own handbag collection, which she does for Ri2K, but now she also has her own headband collection for Stacy Lapidus. WHAT?! Yeah you heard me....the celebs keep on going producing their own thing. If I like it....not really sure about that. There is one thing....I really hate those headbands.....sorry :( Ok let me put it this way.......last summer it was sort of a trend to wear those things around your head...fine by me...the only thing is, because it has been launched as a trend...some girls think that they can just wear it...even though it simply don't suit them. Oh oh oh.....just because something is a trend, doesn't mean that everybody can wear it. But ok...who am I? Definitley not fashion police....hahahahha so anyway.....for all ya OC groupies....get you Mischa Barton Accesoires!!!! 

-XOXO- Ki-Mi

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