Imagehunters || LL || The NewSh*t

So after a lovely shopping spree in town, LL called to say that she was going to do a photoshoot this late afternoon. Ofcourse  I did'nt say no....so I dropped by.

I met this guy  Martijn from Imagehunters.....and he was the one that was doing the shoot. He also showed us his portfolio. I can say it was truly amazing. His website is almost finished, so when it is I will definitley write about it again!

Between the shoots...LL and I made our own photoshoot hahahah.....yeah we gotta do something to stop the boredom ;p Like always  we had fun! Good conversations! LOL!

Hahah LOL with this picture....it shows that Miss LL was attending The Newsht party! 

-XOXO- Ki-Mi

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