The NewSh*t


What can I say about these guys? Honoustly I'm not a big fan of their music, but these guys are truly friendly and hilarious! Never a dull moment when you hang out with these 2 guys!
Ok but serious business talk right, even though I'm not a big fan of their music, they did a great, but most of all a smart job, when they released their latest song, called Ping! For the ones that have a Blackberry, you know what Ping is, for the ones that don't and have living inside of a cave, Ping is what you use with you Blackberry Messenger to reach one of your contacts.

But enough about BB, these smartasses released their single and now they've even merchandise! And not just a random simple T-shirt, no no no......but a T-shirt with your BB scancode! So for example, you're wearing the T at a club, you bump into a nice girl/boy ( and the other person has a BB ), scan over the T with your BB and the other person has your pincode.....with as end result, you can chat all the night away!!!!
See below some vids, when Fouradi brought their T's to their friends!

So peeps get your own Ping T!!!!!!!!
And Ping all the way!

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