Happy Birthday to.......

What a lovely B-day weekend, I enjoyed every bit of it. It was simple, loving and enjoyable to the last second. When my love picked up the cake and we opened the box, we discovered the cake was way to big for us alone to eat. That meant, cake every day for dessert, pffff no wonder December is the month of gaining weight and this is just the beginning of it. 
Saturday night we were supposed to have some drinks at Dusseldorf, but it started to snow and it was really cold, so we decided to toast at home where it was nice and warm. Cozy with the candles and great food. 
Every birthday I always think back at the past year about what has happened. The good, the bad and the changes in life/as a person. My life turned a 180, nothing is the same. One year ago I said to myself I need a change in my life. I was tired of the life I was leading in Amsterdam. Not that I necessarily had to move away from Amsterdam, hahahha, but change was the keyword and what do you know, it happened immediately. The mind is a powerful thing. And during this new adventure you also discover who your true friends are, what you mean to them and how far they will go to maintain the friendship. This last year was full of challenges on every area of life. It was hard sometimes, but I have overcome all of it.
Looking forward to the next years, no idea where I'm living then or what I am doing. 
But like always Carpe Diem!


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