December is the time of year when people start to think about how the year passed by and the harts they love. With Christmas and New Years Eve on the outlook, we start to make plans on how we can spend it in the most fantastic way. Some will pack their bags and spend it on a beautiful island, some will simply celebrate it with family and friends as a tradition. It's about the moment you take to be deeply grateful and appreciate what life has given to you, instead of being unhappy about the things you don't have. Along with the action of solidarity, giving presents can be a part of it. What is a great gift for these circumstances? Cause it's not someone's Birthday, it is a gift of gratitude. And do people see it that way? I don't know, or maybe some are just greedy for getting something. How much money will you spend or is it just going to be something small and cheap, cause it's about the thought that counts right? 
As a kid, December was the perfect month for me. It represented the month of gifts. First my Birthday came up, then Sinterklaas ( a dutch holiday ) and the big finale, Christmas. So almost throughout the month I got gifts. Spoiled by my parents and family. Got the weirdest things on those special days, things I didn't needed at all. 
So to go back on what is a great gift for someone? First of all I think it's always about the thought that counts and if it's also something that the person really wanted and or needed, maybe then it is perfect. And for the saints among us, being present is already the greatest gift they can give.

Good luck with shopping!

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