No. 1 of 2013

Yeah yeah I know, it has been a while, but was so uninspired lately. Maybe it had also to do with the holidays and everything. Anyway, new year has started and it is always funny to see that it motivates people to be and do better. Take better care of themselves, going to the gym ( cause yeah...who wants to look fat during summer?! ) eat properly and maybe undertake steps they would never do before. Yess every year we become older and hopefully also wiser ;)) 
Do you have any new years resolutions? I have the same as most people, I think, all the above. Because seriously.....I got so fat over the last 6 months. Really?! Yes really!!! Never thought I would, but as they all say, with age and less movement, the fat stays where you don't want it to stay. And in a way it is also not so weird. I went from an active life to, almost doing nothing life. But I started to work out at the gym. Can't say that's going really well. I have weeks, that I'm pumped up to go and weeks that I rather be lazy. I know for sure I will get my discipline back. Come on I used to be trained for that.....imagine 18 hours a week of training for 14 years! I do eat better nowadays, stopped eating all those delicious cookies and chips. My worst habit ever cookies. I just never gained any weight before, so it didn't stop me from eating it. Like I already said, getting older and live a more relaxed life now. So anyway, my goal is to take better care of myself, burn that fat off, so I can look even better in the summer. Cause that's definitely the time of the year to glow! 
Good luck with your own NY's resolution!

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