I Heart, You Heart, We Heart......

Photo courtesy: Instagram; @sincerelyjules photographer: Emilio Sanchez

14 days left and the day of love has arrived again. Last year I got a really nice gift and stupid me lost it. I felt soooo guilty about it. First Valentine's day gift from my boyfriend and I loose the little fucker. And the worst part of it was that we agreed to not buy any gifts for each other and he surprised me with one. #fail

Do you already have any ideas how you are going to spend this day? Some take it really seriously and some see it as another abuse of the wallet for commercial value. I believe every day is Valentine's day. You should always let the people know how much you care about them, but maybe for others V-day is a push to overcome their fear and be brave enough to be honest about their feelings for certain people. 
Doesn't matter on how you spend it, just LOVE everyday!

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