L'enfant Terrible

I'm so proud to post this blog! I think most people are addicted to shoes. And it can be any kind of shoe, but I have never seen anyone be addicted to high heels like her and also have an eye to purchase to most amazing, unique high heels. If you could take a sneak peak of her shoe collection, you would die for it! 
Therefore not surprising that my friend Sule Orhan started her own shoe collection called L'enfant Terrible. It looks amazing!! On the website www.l-enfantterrible.com you can see the upcoming collection. The web shop is opened this month, so you definitely should check it out and buy your own pair. 
I am sooo proud of her that she took this step. For sure it's going to be big and I truly hope the best for her with this new brand on the market. You go girl! 

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