LOL in Amsterdam!!!!!!!!

Crazy People!!!!!

First things first….wake up call to Mr. Gray to get his ass out of bed and ofcourse also mine, hihihi, seriously I’m soooo not a morning person! We had an appointment at Ganbaroo, a PR agency, at 12.00 PM. So we hopped on the Vespa and we’re up and running or driving in this case. Arrived there......this lovely PR lady shows us the brands she has in her showroom and what the rules are for using the clothes. We need this for a photoshoot that we plan on doing for our party that is going to be held at Panama. When that was said and done, back on the Vespa again hitting town, because our dearest friend LL and her love Nick, I mentioned her before in one of my other story’s, if you read it and paid attention! are in town at 9 straatjes, one of the best shopping area’s in Amsterdam! For REAL!

Spotted: Percy Irausquin, haute couture designer, waiting for tram 1 to arrive.

We spotted them or actually Nick spotted us at a jewellery store, hunting for some necklaces. We continue our trip to a luxury cosmetic shop where they have the most exclusive, creative, expensieve, perfume, make-up, skincare and all that kind of stuff.....you get the picture. Mr. Gray and LL had their fun with perfume, because they really can spend hours in that shop, smelling everything and reminisce about all they ever smelled, used or know in their long friendship history. I do have to say, there is one perfume that’s called Clean and smells like soap and fresh laundry..... How refreshing is that!

Time is passing by and our stomach’s are crying for food. First thought is Brix, but unfortunetly it opens at 5PM. So option nr 2....Palladium, not really one of our favorite spots anymore, but the food is good and we didn’t want to think to hard where to eat. Yummie yummie.....I ordered my favorite Club Sandwich, Mr. Gray and Nick hamburgers with fries and LL the Palladium salad. We talked for hours about business, yes work never stops in our schedule, life, future plans, love etc. Simlpy the come together again conversations between good friends!

So what are we going to do next....? Hmmmm let’s think.....the Movie’s! Because Mr. Gray and I still haven’t seen Sex and the City we deceided to watch that movie...Yeah finally!!!!! I know, how come we still haven’t seen that one right, just simply busy, other priorities....and yes I have to be in the mood to go, I’m not a big fan of the cinema’s. I’d rather see it at home on my own couch, wearing my oversized sweatpants and T, eating whatever I want, drink whatever I want and plus there are no annoying people around me that can ruin my night out.
But to stick with the story........I LOVED the movie..!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh....there was drama, comedy, fashion.....everything what this movie needed, well in my opinion. It was a good ending for our day out together!

We had LOL like we always do, living in our own world, seesing the day! Aaaaahhhh we’re living the good life, like it’s golden!


Anonymous said...

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wat een fucking homo's

babe.beenwarmer said...

gadverdamme wat een vieze vertoning schaam jezelf viezerik en die indo al helemaal wat een gay zeg!!

Unknown said...

Goed bezig hoor !!!!