He came, he saw, he conquered; SoulTrotteR.

If my calculations are correct, 8 years ago I saw this boy, Philip aka Soultrotter, breakdancing at this beach event in Bloemendaal. I knew his face, because he acted in this Dutch soapserie, wich is a big hit on tv for years! So my first reaction was and I say this with my opinion as a dancer, yes you did’nt know that, but I danced for 14 years allround, as in classic ballet, jazz, showmusical, tapdancing, modern dancing etc, you get the picture.....anyway, so this so called actor is trying to b-boy know?! The way he was breakdancing!!!! It was sooo bad! I do give him credit for having the nerve to do his thing, even though he wasn’t experienced like the others. At that time streetdance was a cool thing to do, but I got a little bit frustrated, cause suddenly everybody tried to show off what they got. And don’t get me wrong, love to see talented people dance, but if I looked at their technique it was BS! And I trained for years to make every move perfect.

So in those 8 years I saw Philip now and then at party’s B-boying. And I have to say, he became a great dancer! He travelled around the world, showing what he got. Besides B-boying he started his own company called Soultrotter Productions. He creates concepts for video’s and short movies. www.soultrotter.com

I was really sceptic in the beginning, but he convinced me in every single way! So Philip I respect your hard work, it definitly paid off, you impressed me and I find it a joy watching you! If you see the video, you’re gonna agree with me! BIG UP to you my B-boy friend!

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Arjen Bokhoven said...

SoulTrotter is one shit hot b-boy!