.....and it continues

1000 + 1

Yesterday I didn't realize that it was my 1000th post on the blog. Wow so many stories about fashion, events I have visited, poems I have written, music that I love and so on and on. I never thought the blog would have worldwide visitors, cause all of this started out of boredom. Something I didn't take that seriously. So first of all, a BIG THANK YOU, for all the readers that kept coming back to view the things I like. And I will probably keep on posting about stuff I bump into, but in a different way now. 
It's a nice fresh start after 1000 post to go on in a different direction. Could also be, cause my personal life has changed much. I don't live in Amsterdam anymore, but in some small town that lacks of inspiration for me. I do have the German city Dusseldorf nearby,  thank god! Which is a great city by the way. You should definitely visit when you have time, money or if you're in the neighborhood. Anyway things have changed, I moved cause the love of my life switched jobs. I believe change is sometimes good. Re-invent yourself. Look for other possibilities that life throws at you. Make the best of every situation you fall into. I try to do so.


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