Yesss Monday, the day you know the weekend is over and a new week has started to make it memorable like the others in the past. And I always look so forward to Friday, so the relaxed ethos of the weekend can start. My weekend was great by the way. First had a lovely dinner with some acquaintances, which I was looking forward too, cause I've never met the ladies before. I was curious to know, how it would develop. It turned out just fine. Of course with some you have a better first impression then others, nevertheless the dinner was a good thing for all of us. 
I also really enjoyed the Formula 1 GP Brasil race. Wow that was exciting to watch, cause the weather made it pretty difficult for the racers. Changing tires, slipping, bumping, being knocked out, loosing points, winning points. Fantastic race! So congratulations Sebastian Vettel. 

Another realization on this Monday for me. 6 days left and then it's my BIRTHDAY!!!! Whaaaa becoming 29 this year!!! And I really don't feel like that at all, actually a bit younger. Hahahha But I do feel I have outgrown certain things I really cared for. Not so bothered quickly by little things, perhaps I see the bigger pictures more clearer while I'm getting older. Really excited to celebrate ( something I haven't had for a long time ) with my friends. Stressing out about what to wear, what kind of food to cook for dinner, which club are we going out too.....pfffff  Oh yeah.....ordered my Bday cake today. Can't wait to eat it! F*ck I love cake!
Anyways, make the best of it this new week, do whatever makes you happy!


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