Ana Beatriz Barros
Replay Fashion Show
Amsterdam International Fashion Week
There I was, at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week, to shoot some pictures backstage at the Replay Fashion Show. When my lovely collegue told me the news, Ana Beatriz Barros was coming!!!! Our favorite model from Victoria Secret!!!! I could not believe it!!!!
And there she was, Miss Ana Beatriz Barros, with her flawless sunkissed skin, her nice golden brown loks and her amazing beautiful green eyes! She sat in the chair to do her hair and before you knew it, a swarm of paparazzi was surrounding her. She was really lovely and kind and she answered everyone's questions, even mine! When she stood up, I ( little me ) blurred out ( stupid me ) about how tall she was. She laughed and said: " But I am wearing high heels, so I'm not that tall" ;) And even when I took pictures, she looked up to me and smiled! The fact that she was so friendly, made her even more beautiful then she already is!

So Miss Ana Beatriz, it was a pleasure to meet you!

Buh Bye..!!

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