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Delivio Reavon | Aaron Gill  

Photography by. Andrew Joseph
Want to charge up your weekend in a true Party Spirit?!
They are the most best
Tech-house, afro, latin house & house dj's at this point
when it comes to music.
Aaron Gill 
started his musical carreer at one of his friends place. 
The passion for house music was allready inside of him.
Supported by friends who kept on telling him to take his dj carreer to the next level he took it serious.
He was getting booked on small parties in the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam and started to make name.
Delivio Reavon 
formally know as a pop/urban producer/composer.
He composed/produced allot of hit records in his long musical carreer for famous dutch artist that made the dutch charts.
Besided creating pop/urban music he started in 2009 also creating house music. It all began with creating songs for knows dutch DJ'S
Then it happend. The turning tables got his intrest and after three months of practising in the studio on te pioneers he was trown into the deep!
His first gig was at the party "Sappig" in one of the biggest club of Amsterdam/ The Netherlands Escape (c.a 1500 people).
It seems like he was born ready!

Ladies & Gents Get Ready, cause they are ready to Do This!

for more info: http://delivioreavonaarongill.com/

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